Vendor Update (5/8/2015)


I am alive! I have been out of touch, paying attention to my children and trying to convince my friends in Houston that I still love them even though I spent only three nights here in Q1.  I am still back and forth quite a bit to Sherwood.  I think many of you are at other shows now and hope those are going gangbusters for you!

This is likely to be the last time I use this “2015 swff booth owners & managers” email list. Next time we need to send a vendor email we will generate a new list which is based on who has renewed for 2016.  There is more information about the status of 2016 contracts below.

Attendance Records

From time to time I get requests for historical attendance records.  In the interest of oversharing, I have put everything, including faire, our music festival, and our summer camps for every year that each event was open, into one PDF document which you can download at 

I mentioned that address many months ago but perhaps not too recently. If you’ve forgotten it, you should write it down.  You’ll find all kinds of links and downloads relevant to your participation on that page.

Off-Season Facebook Marketing

Lisa Klein, who organized vendor marketing on the main Sherwood Forest Faire Facebook page, wrote this in our Facebook vendor group recently:

Who wants to participate in a “Where are they now?” kind of post for the Sherwood Facebook site? If you want to participate, comment here with your booth name and where you’re going to be for the rest of the month of May! I will post a list later this week! HUGS! Love ya’ll! – Lis

You can still participate if you are not on Facebook by contacting Lisa at

Building for 2015 Music Fest or 2016 Faire

Lots of you have asked for permission to build for the next event or faire season.  We are always eager to see your ideas! However, no matter the level of your building talents, you will never receive permission to break ground unless we have your building proposal in writing.  You can find the application form at

When you’ve completed it, submit it to me.  Eric and I will review it for design and location, and Shane will review it for the above and will have the final say on whether it will be structurally sound.

Building is not possible in July due to Summer Camp or September due to our Music Festival.  Any projects underway that are not complete when those months roll around must be shelved until the month is over, meaning worksites must be cleaned up and made presentable to the public.


Marijke has finished going through your contracts.  I think all of you know her by name at least, but in case you don’t you should get to know her.  She is a superstar!  After eight weeks of faire when I am wilting like a stomped-upon lily at noon in El Paso, she is running in circles like an energizer bunny, processing vendor contracts, summer camp applications, commission paperwork, tax payments, and a million other things that I don’t even remember that she does.  Fun fact: she is one of the brewers of Thorin’s Meads.  Yes, she does that too!

Back to topic.  Here is the list of company names that have successfully communicated to us that they would like to return for 2016.  Please note that these are not necessarily the names that the booths bear, and many of them have more than one booth.  Your company will appear only once even if we have received multiple contracts.

We wish to thank you for your continued participation.  You need take no further action at this point unless Marijke is working with you to complete a missing piece such as that pesky Vendor Responsibilities page from your contract.

Renewed for 2016 Faire
…And Our World
Alli Designs LLC
Angelsword LLC
Austin Fine Arts
Authentic Wardrobe
Ballena Bay Pewter
Barth’s Candles
Basham Clan
Big Time Jewelry
Body Artz
Castle Canine Creations
Cat Dancing Creations
Cearweddwen’s Creations
Celestial Thyme/Circus
Champion Concessions
Chocolate Cacophony, The
CMN Designs
Crouse House Adventures LLC
Deborah Perusse
Designs in Wax
Die Gelbe Rose Carriage
Earthen Metals
Elia Feliz Design
Eternal Arms LLC
Fired Mud Studios
Flint Stoneware
Four Quarters
Gerk’s Concessions
Guadalupe Rose
Gypsy Palmistry
Hammered Creations LLC
Happy Hairbraiding
High Ground Pottery
Highland Armory
Hollow Earth Swordworks
Honorable Company of Metalsmiths
Horn Shoppe, The
House of Achill
Iris Adornments and Apothecary
Jerky McGherkin’s Pickle Patch
Jiva Originals
Kheva Industries Inc
King Richard’s Swing LLC
King’s Pony Ride and Petting Zoo, The
Knarly Knot, The
Lady T’s Leather and Drums
Land of Suerialeon, The
Life Tree Leather
Lisa Klein
Majestic Glass
Medicine Stones
Medieval Moccasins
Middle Eastern Experience
Midnight Mist
Misty Worlds Gallery
Moresca Clothing & Costume, Inc.
Nativearth Inc
Nefaerieous Deeds and Designs
Penny’s Magic Garden
Phoenix Designs Jewelry and Sculpture
Quicksilver Mint
Renaissance Artist Crafts
Rev’s Armor Werx
Rick Fields
Saint Aubyn Handcrafted Jewelry
Santa Lucia
Saorsa Studio of Beads
Singletree Inc
Sky Kings LLC
Skydancer Creations
Son of Sandlar
Soulstice Jewelry
Stix Are Us
Stonehenge Sculpture
Storm Leather Werks
Summer Country Art, The
Summerwood Soaps
Swan Lace Clothiers
Sylva Pagana
Tarot by Woodsong
Things Celtic
Tidepool, The
Treelady Arts
Two Spools
Village Alchemist, The
Village Leather Shoppe, The
Visker & Scrivener
We Can Do That Productions LLC
Whinnery Moon Photographics
White Wizards
Windows of the Soul Art
Wondrous Works in Wood
Ye Olde Piquant Apothecary
Zootzu LLC

And here is the list of those that have not renewed yet.  These people fall into two categories:  1) not coming back; and 2) have not done the paperwork but wish to come back.

If you are in category #1 (not coming back), I want to thank you for your participation and I wish you the best of luck on your journey, wherever it takes you.  Feel free to email me with any parting thoughts, if you wish.  I am always curious what people’s reasons for leaving are, but most people that leave just do so quietly without a peep.

If you are in category #2 (have not done paperwork, but want to come back) that is great!  Please email me or Marijke, even if you have before, so that we can tag you in the database.  (In the maelstrom of faire ending and summer camp ramping up, I have received some such emails and forgotten to make the appropriate notes).

Anyone we don’t hear from in a reasonable amount of time will be assumed to be in category #1 and our thought will be you prefer to vanish quietly as others have done.  After a time, you’ll be removed from the Sherwood website, the vendor group on Facebook, this vendor email if that appears to be the case.  Nevertheless we wish you well.

Not Yet Renewed for 2016 Faire
Abzu Designs LLC
Always Azul Pottery
Ande Wolf
Cameleon Clothes
Chameleon Dreams
Corsets by Casta Diva
Flute Cart, The
Gaila Designs Face & Body Painting
Hungarian Trader LLC, The
Imaginarium Galleries
K & B Enterprises
Land of Merriment
Medieval Designs
Medieval Metal LLC
Mystic Cloak & Tailoring
Mystic Rhythms
One of One Designs
Red Dog Forge
Regina’s Gifts
Sacred Sounds
Signs of Spirit
StickBow Archery
Swinging C Enterprises
Trans Texas Dist
Triple D Dairy
Visions in Wood
White Pavilion

Thank you everyone. I look forward to seeing where everyone is as Lisa posts your messages while you roam the earth sharing your art.  That thought makes me happy.  I look forward to sneaking up on a lot of you at distant faires when you least expect it, too 😉


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