After the Dust has Settled…a look back on 2011

We will call this “The Year of Sand”…and sand there was.

We put down $6000 of mulch, so just imagine how much worse it could have been. The result of no significant rainfall for 9 months. But we survived it in grand fashion.

Sherwood’s second year was memorable, meaningful and rewarding. While we are still young, as faires go, we are one soulful bunch of gypsies. We danced, we sang, we drummed, we laughed, we ate and drank (sometimes a bit too much of our own Kool-Aid), and we loved. What more could one ask for? MORE PATRONS!!!

Sherwood grew from an estimated attendance of 30,000 during the first year with 12 days of faire to 42,500 the second year with 15 days of faire. Not a bad growth curve—though with as much marketing, including all the wonderful work our volunteers did at festivals, parades, etc, we had hoped to exceed 50,000.

Be that as it may, we still are doing fine from a new business perspective…and from the objective of building a sense and feel of community, Sherwood scores an A+. We love our tribe!!!
Here are a few of the highlights I would like to recall:

  • A mom presents her young daughter with her first drum at the closing drum circle… and the young girl cries as she embraces her drum and then joins in the music. She is there the night of the Spring Equinox playing all night.
  • The Fairy Troupe and Band of Pirates, all volunteers, who graced us with their passion and talent.
  • The Hands of Fatima Belly Dancers and their wonderfully talented drummer who entertained us for two years—again volunteers for Sherwood.
  • Our Fire Spinning Show at the end of each day—thanks to Jinx and all the unbelievable, creative people who ended our faire in style—yes, again, volunteers.
  • Our trash lepers…who created characters from the depths of their imagination.
  • Circa Paleo, Wino Vino, The Bedlam Bards, The Rambling Sailors, Marc Gunn, and so many more fantastic musicians who sang and played and took us away into a world of enchantment with their music.
  • Robin, Marian, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Will the Bowman, our Jester, The Sheriff of Nottingham, and all the various members of cast…
  • The Knights of Mayhem and our first year of Full Contact Joust.
  • Our Clans who filled our campgrounds every weekend…and offered us a place to commune once the Faire ended.
  • Louie and the wonderful food and environment he offered Sherwood both during and after hours at Como’s.
  • Flushing Toilets!!!
  • Expanded parking lot.
  • Our great operations and grounds crew.
  • Trees.
  • The Seven Sisters.
  • The Pub Scene every day near closing.
  • Our wonderful artists and artisans who share with us their talents and skills, selling the wares they made with their own hands.
  • The magic of Gual as he danced and pranced about the grounds.
  • Centaur and The Fox and the Treant.
  • The love we feel from entertainers like Maverick, Merlin, St. Louis, and so many others…
  • Our fabulous patrons who came in costume and played with us from the heart and soul.
  • Our new Mud Stage and the Dirty Filthy Scoundrels.
  • The Birds of Prey Show.
  • Meade and Ale!!!
  • Great Food Vendors.
  • Children dancing and playing in the sand at the Seven Sisters.
  • A thousand hugs and good wishes from tribe members I didn’t even know.
  • The best business partnership and management team one could even dream of.
  • Our Wine Tasting extravaganza.
  • The magnificent spirit of Joaquin . . . and the new spirit he brought to Sherwood with his drumming and fire spinning and dialogue.
  • FRIENDS OF FAIRE who have so been a part of the creation of Sherwood as volunteers and patrons.
  • The rennie families who make the spirit so alive and guarantee the next generation of folk to take the helm one day to ensure Sherwood is not a fleeting fancy, but a living breathing organism.
  • Tom and his games…and all the energy he and his folk give to the experience.

Sherwood is surrounded by beautiful souls and a wonderful spirit of acceptance & inclusion.

We love this faire. We love you. We appreciate and are honored to be with you on this magical and extravagant journey into medieval Nottinghamshire where life is simpler, cozier, more familial, and tribal.

Blessings to each and every one of you,

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  1. jbeam
    7 years ago

    Last year when my family visited the faire the baby stroller got mired in mud, so we hoped it would be a little bit drier this time around – well we certainly got our wish, and then some; the boys were coated in dust when we got home! But we all had a grand adventure and can’t wait for the next event. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time!

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