Amidst the Loss

Our Texas Faire community has experienced significant losses this year due to fires.  Scarby had a fire that destroyed property and took the life of a kind and generous rennie, Will the Pickle Man.  The Bastrop fires have burned over 1000 homes, some being those of brothers and sisters of Sherwood.  Folk around Texas Renaissance have been devastated by two major fires this year.

It seems to be a time of testing.

Our economy sucks.  Politics is amuck in partisan bickering and grandstanding.  Wars abound abroad.  It’s not the best of times.

Yet, amidst all of the hardships, the Rennie Community and Spirit has proven strong and resilient.  Just within Sherwood, we have had over a 100 folk all over Texas who have willingly opened the doors to their homes and welcomed in victims of the fires.  Matt Daniel and others have worked diligently to assure livestock was moved to safer grounds.  Volunteerism and an outpouring of love, sympathy, concern and hope has been comfort and inspiration to many.

We come from very diverse socio-economic and political strata.  Not much other than our love of faire—that strange and freeing spirit that is associated with this gypsy-like life—holds or binds us; yet, that glue is strong and enduring.

As one of the scribes of our faire lives, as one who believes and lives for the continuation/expansion of this spirit, I am convinced that is the microcosm of community that offers hope to our children: not politics, not social engineering, not religion, not psycho-babble from self-help gurus.  It’s the hearts and minds of you people who give because it is right to give.  These are the values which will endure the hundred generations from now…and will be the foundation stones which demands Sherwood and other faires remain as a shining example of the human spirit.

Monday, I received a report that the Bastrop fires were encroaching on Sherwood and it was inevitable that the faire would be engulfed in flames within the hour.  I live about an hour away…and I knew going there would produce no meaningful outcomes, but I drove there all the same.  My wife asked what did I expect to accomplish?  My response was, “none. But I need to go all the same.”  On the way, I called George several times.  We talked about the loss.  We talked insurance.  We talked about tears and laughter and purpose and hope and our beautiful community.  But in the discussion, we committed wholeheartedly to having Sherwood reconstructed before the February season was to begin.  I described an image I had in my head while driving…the faire burned to the ground.  No trees.  No buildings.  Just ash.  But from the ash, seven sacred and telling stones stood erect—The Seven Sisters.  And with that image, I knew Sherwood was more than wood and buildings and paint and fencing.  It was a symbol of our hope in this community.

I arrived and Sherwood was safe.  The report had been incorrect.  The fires remained miles away.  I walked the grounds for an hour.  I felt the spirit of Sherwood.  I felt good that you and I came to this place several years ago…to build something greater than ourselves.

We love you.  We thank you.  We raise our tankards to you and the spirit of love and respect that you bring to Faire.  May 2012 bring us rain!

Respectfully and always humbled,


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  1. grimgrinner
    7 years ago

    So glad that Sherwood is untouched! The wife and I were sad to hear about Will, but like the Faire itself, he’ll still be there in spirit.

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