An Exciting Day For Sherwood!

An Exciting Day for Sherwood Forest Faire!

February 12th, 2009

Blaring Trumpets

Cymbals Clashing

Fireworks Bursting High into the Air


On this day, the day of Charles Darwin’s Birth and the presumed passage of President Obama’s Stimulus Bill…Sherwood Forest Faire was issued its BUILDING PERMIT from Bastrop County.

As Sherlock Holmes was accustom to saying, “The Game is afoot”

Some have sent in applications, but I was unwilling to make firm commitments to any until the building permit was secured.  Formal contracts will be issued within the next two weeks for those whose applications for vending have been approved.  Contracts will be sent out.

Hope many of you can join us on the grounds for the second gathering to commemorate the one year time period before the gates will open to the FIRST ANNUAL SHERWOOD FOREST FAIRE.  February 28th, 3pm-late.  Ale provided, as well as a bit of white wine for Queen Bonnie.  Entry will be off of U.S. Highway 290–not off of Old Highway 20, as the website points out (that will be the entry to parking once the faire opens).

Blessings to each of you have sent your good will and positive energy our way.  We need all we can get from you good folk.

A note to potential vendors: remember, once contracts are issued, sites will be on a first-come basis.  We will have the sites marked off and numbered and ready for good and gentle souls to lay claim to them for their respective building sites.


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