Casting Call

Ahoy! Zane Baker here from Sherwood Forest Faire –

For 2011 our company needs apprentice actors, and other levels of actors, who are willing to perform on a pass-for-play agreement.

We need:

  • Faeries
  • Pirates
  • Merry men and women (to join Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s band of outlaws)
  • Deputies, Baliffs, Misers, and Nobles (to join the forces of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Status Quo of Nottinghamshire)
  • Shakespeare actors
  • Pages to assist our Chessmaster
  • Pages to assist the Jousters
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Independent Characters who can entertain our audience, and enhance their experience at our faire! Nobles, peasants, fools, lunatics, knights, druids, etc.

I will be basing my casting decisions on several things. One important factor is availability. I can only cast characters who will be able to attend ALMOST EVERY day we are open, for the full day. Of course my paid actors will have to be there every minute of every day AND will spend 6 weekends in rehearsal before the faire opens – so your chances of working into the paid cast in years to come will increase with your availability.

Another important factor will, of course, be your performance. One major goal in the creation of Sherwood Forest Faire is to bring back the pure pretending that used to be commonplace at renaissance festivals. I am looking for actors who can immerse themselves in their characters. I am not looking for actors who are more interested in entertaining themselves and other actors during festival hours. These days I see too many cliques amongst lane characters at other faires. Sometimes there are 5-6 of them talking to each other in a circle, with their backs to the thousands of patrons walking by. Often, when I am running my shop, characters break into their mundane voice when they stop to talk to me. Why!? because I work here? We should be supporting each other in playing – not distracting each other. And we should self-regulate for authenticity – no florescent colors – no direct modern references (like “oh, my lord, you look just like Harrison Ford in that hat”). We can allude to the modern world, and need not throw away good opportunities of wit, but all should be done with a period/fantasy filter. ( “Thou lookest like a true adventurer, sire – one who may swing about on a bullwhip, perchance”). Take the time to at least put a curtain over your reflections of the modern world. That is the world we are trying to help people escape from – and believe me – few of them can get very far on their own.

So I will be looking for people who can consistently support the illusion we are trying to create – and I will be choosing people who can attend the faire consistently when offering pass-for-play positions.

We will be having a Workshop / Audition at Sherwood Forest Faire on the morning of Dec. 4th, during our next Gathering. Those of you interested in joining Sherwood as volunteer characters, please join us at the Greenwoode Theatre. We will begin at 10am sharp, so I suggest showing up at 9:30 or 9:45 for meeting and greeting (and finding your way if you are unsure). If you need to show up later, just find us wherever we may be, and jump right in. If you cannot make the workshop at all, please get in touch with me, and let us talk about your ideas, and we can schedule an audition.

Those who will be able to make it to the workshop, please come ready to get into character. If you already have a character developed, please wear as much of your costume as you have ready. If you do not yet have a character, just dress in garb if you can, and we can talk about the possibilities.

I cannot give a pass to everyone who wants one, though the Workshop will be helpful for your renaissance experience whether you are cast or not.

If you have questions or need to get in touch, please contact me at or 512-731-2316.

Zane “Autouloucous” Baker
Entertainment Director

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