Stage Acts

2017 Lineup

You can download the weekend’s schedule here.

Aaron Bonk
Aaron Bonk, master of whips, is a unique entertainer with a twisted sense of humor who risks his life to make thee laugh. With original artistry, extraordinary skill, and crazy personality, he joins Sherwood Forest at the Greenwoode Theatre for the faire’s first two weekends. Get Bonked! Come to the Greenwoode Theatre for a whip-cracking good time!
Adult School of Sword
Herr Hasselhoff will teach you how to meet interesting people… und also how to kill them! Watch and learn as Master Oskar Hasselhoff
demonstrates techniques and answers questions about the traditional Medieval weapon of your choice! This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage.
Alan A Dale
Especially suitable for children
HEY KIDS! Robin Hood’s own troubadour Alan A Dale will haunt the Faery Forest Stage each day of the festival. He’ll share with you original songs of Sherwood as well as those written by musician Lou Ontko. Learn some Irish sing-along songs and hear tales of Robin Hood and the merry characters of Sherwood Forest. Come help Robin’s troubadour drive gloominess out of the forest by singing songs of merriment!
Andrew McKee
An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Andrew McKee will be joining us for all of Sherwood Forest Faire, roaming the lanes and stages of Robin Hood’s charming little shire. He shall also join the Fairies of Sherwood at their shows and events throughout the season. This alumni of the legendary Brobdingnagian Bards invites you to drift away on the dreamy melody of his recorder, guitar, mandolin – or whatever instrument he has handy at the moment.
Archery Tournaments: Longbow, Royal Open, and Greenwoode Archery Village
Each afternoon in Robin Hood’s Forest there will be THREE different archery tournaments. Will the Bowman will hold the Sherwood Longbow Tournament and Robert de Bowyer will hold the Royal Open Archery Tournament; the Jousting Arena shall be hosting both. The Greenwood Archery village will have their own Tournament, too! Qualify for Will the Bowman’s Longbow Tournament before noon at Will’s Target, or qualify at the Greenwoode Archery Living History Village before noon for the other two Tournaments.
Arsene Alive! The Magikhana Show
Mar 17 – 26
Welcome to the dream-like experience that Arsene brings to the Greenwoode Theatre on our 3rd and 4th weekends. Arsene has been performing magic, juggling, mime, and comedy for 30 years around the world. He is the resident magician at the "One World Theatre" in Austin, Texas, and is also a member of the Society of American Magicians (SAM) as well as the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). Please help Sherwood give a warm welcome to this incredibly talented, and incredibly funny, performer.
The Bard O'Neill
Sherwood’s fiery Bard plays every weekend at the Three Stags Pub. Enjoy a rich medley of sweet and saucy songs that will inspire you and put a smile on your face. Sherwood’s Bard O’Neill will regale you with a blend of rollicking ballads and love songs while trading good-natured banter with you, her long-lost Irish cousins.
The Bedlam Bards
Adults Only for “Thirty-Dirty” shows
A rowdy pair of musicians, these Celtic minstrels will be jitterin’ your leg ‘til ye jump up and dance a jig! Find them at the Three Stags Pub and other stages. Also look for the Bedlam Bards’ adult Thirty-Dirty shows (18 and up only) at the Three Stags. The Bedlam Bards will also lead Sherwood’s Pub Sing at Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem Pub at days end each evening of faire.
Especially suitable for children
As you make your way down the hill from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, you may notice a small fenced-in homestead, complete with a chicken coop and a lily pond. Here Lady Belz is ready to invite you to sit for a spell and meet her forest friends. She is likely to tell you stories, speak to you with hand puppets, or simply give you some company as you enjoy the sounds and sights of the faire.
Captain Rex & Coconut's Pirate Kids Show
Especially suitable for children
Captain Rex and his First Lady LaDonna along with special guest Coconut the Parrot bring an exciting show to the stage for the kids! Do you want to learn how to be a proper pirate? Come one, come all and set sail on an adventure to become a proper pirate!
Children's School of Sword
Especially suitable for children
Come and watch your children learn the basics of swordplay in a hands-on experience that is fun for all ages. DO NOT BE LATE! This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.
Church Service at Maid Marian’s Chapel
Sundays mornings only
Join either Monk Michael or Rev. Captain Rex, along with the congregation of Sherwood Forest, for a real church service each Sunday morning. This non-denominational gathering of spirits is a chance for Sherwood patrons and participants alike to take a few moments to give thanks for all things good, and to let go of all things burdensome. The service will last about 20 minutes. All souls are welcome, of any faith, and of any walk of life.
Daniel GreenWolf
Apr 1 - 23
Daniel GreenWolf is an Award-Winning Magician, Writer, Creator,
and Slightly Mad Irishman. He has been voted as one of the Top Five Solo Variety Acts by the Renaissance Festival Podcast & Renaissance Magazine for Five Years In a Row. The Magic of Daniel GreenWolf is a show that takes Highly Visual Magic, Theatrical Storytelling, Exhilarating Irish Music, Interactive Comedy, and Thrilling Danger, then wraps it in a Celtic Theme that has been described as "A Witty, Modern-Day Celtic Viking…”. Come welcome this new act to Sherwood Forest Faire at the Vineyard Stage and the Greenwoode Theatre on our first four weekends!
Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange: Daring Escapes
Dr. Judas Lynch and Ms. Magnolia Strange are a husband and wife team of pirate escape artists. Their escapes have been seen at numerous circuses, renaissance faires, steampunk festivals, cabaret shows, fringe theater festivals, side-shows, corporate gatherings, and many other events both large and small. Judas and Magnolia have performed some of the world’s best known, and most dangerous, escape stunts and this year they bring their recklessness to Sherwood’s Pirate Territory Stage. Through comedy, suspense, and abundant audience participation, the pair work to tell fantastical narratives and bring crowds to the edge of their seats with death-defying stunts!
Doriana the Storyteller
Doriana is a Scottish yarn-spinner who rides upon a trusty dragon named Reggie FireEyes. Together these two will entertain kids of all ages at the Puppet Theatre Wagon. Let her take your imagination on a journey of tales from the Old Country. Knights and Princes as well as simple folk and even magical creatures inhabit the realm of Doriana’s stories. But please don’t feed the dragon. It will only make him hungry for more and the rumbling of his stomach may drown out the sound of Doriana’s tales.
Drones N Drums
You won’t want to miss the raucous pipes of Jason Gunn paired with the deep steady drums of Justin Piwetz. Hear the power of the bagpipes and the thunder of the Scottish drum at the Horseman stage and marching the high roads and low roads of Sherwood Forest. Let the sounds of the Highlands unleash your inner Celt.
Drum Jam
Near the end of each faire day, you can follow the sound of drums deep into the forest and find yourself at the Seven Sisters Sacred Stone Circle, surrounded by the rhythm of the ancient spirits of Sherwood. If you have a drum of your own, you may join in the cadence of percussion which will be led by the Great Antone. Come dance and play as we close the day with the sound of rolling thunder!
Dublin Harpers
We welcome back a family that makes wonderful music together! The Dublin Harpers family band will play for you at The Lionheart Tavern each day of the festival. This family of kids, teenagers, and a very cool set of Mom and Dad, design and build their own instruments, including the Harps that they play and teach near and far. Benjamin and Candyce Dunham have come together for a perfect marriage of everything harp. Benjamin, a luthier, percussionist, and bodhran player, has been building, refinishing, and repairing instruments for many years. Candyce, a harpist, harper, instructor, director and adjudicator, has been studying the harp her entire life in the Classical, Irish, and Scottish methods. And of course the kids have been in the business all their lives as well! Join them at Sherwood’s brand new beer garden, The Lionheart Tavern.
\dű-‘en-(,)dā\: the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm, a quality of passion and inspiration.
No wonder the incomparable Amanda Kitchens is leading this all-new band of incredible musicians. Her energetic vocals and gyrating accordion set the pace for the band’s Balkan overtones, lifted up by a mystique that can only be described as… Duende. Find these masters of medieval dance music at the Elven Hill Stage, right across from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub.
Faery Tea Party
Especially suitable for children
Sherwood’s Fae folk, the Imaginatii, hold a Tea Party every afternoon and YOU are the guest of honor! Join these magical characters for a light snack of Faery food and a wealth of otherworldly lore, songs, and dancing that will give you a chance to relax in the middle of the day while you let these magical people entertain you! The Faery Tea Party will take place in the afternoons at the Faery Picnic Garden.
Faire to Middlin
Absent Apr 1 - 16
Gil Faire and Mab Middlin perform as the musical duo Faire to Middlin; two lively, world-traveled minstrels who accompany themselves with classical guitar, Irish whistle, and traveling dulcimer. They bring you a mix of the traditional and original with rollicking toe-tappers, lyrical ballads, and mournful laments. Join in the fun with this delightful, creative, and often zany couple of musicians in love. Sing, dance, and laugh along with them at the Grove Stage and other venues around the village.
Filipe Sanchez
A royal subject of Queen Berengaria, Filipe Sanchez has travelled from Spain to join the former princess of Navarre at the Royal Court of England. He will serenade you as royalty if you can catch his wandering eye. His yearning Spanish Guitar and lilting voice has been known to dry the tears of crying babies. Some have called him the “Falcon of Navarre” – others have called him an obnoxiously romantic Spaniard who serenades couples in hopes of earning a few doubloons. Find him amongst the Sherwood Cast or busking the lanes and small stages as a solo act.
Fool Hearty
Mar 4 – Apr 2
Especially suitable for children
Entertaining the wee ones in Sherwood’s children’s area, Once Upon a Time..., are Court Jesters Marquise Zany from Zanzibar and Ima Nutte. They will perform three different shows daily, including Fool’s School, The Royal Fools Variety Show, and The Untrained Dog Show with Wing Nutte, Polkadot, Pea Nutte, and Butter! These Jesters, who have been voted “Best Children’s Act” numerous times now by the Renaissance Festival Podcast, will hold court at the Faery Forest Stage three times daily. Prepare thy self for some serious silliness!
Fools of Fortune
Apr 8 - 23
Paolo Garbanzo just can’t seem to sit still for a moment so this year at Sherwood he’ll be adding a third show to his canon of incredible stunts and dangerous exploits… this time with two other mad fools! Fools of Fortune will appear on our final three weekends at the Greenwoode Theatre. See these juggling, acrobatic jesters tumble and contort in unbelievable ways, ending finally with surprise that will make you laugh until you feel the pain these fools inflict upon themselves!
François’ Raunchy Romp with the Raging Queen
Adults only
At François’ secluded and hard to find shows you’ll hear readings from the gay pirate romance adventure you’ve always secretly (or openly) wanted! Join the most shameful and fearsome Frenchman on the high seas as he shares the sauciest exploits from his banned books—whose titles are so provocative we can’t even list them in the program! Guaranteed to offend even the sturdiest of sailors: it's the tantalizing tail everyone's talking about! (And the tale's not bad, either). Look for this reading of François’ books on your Daily Schedule – most likely at The Puffin or at one of Sherwood’s Larger pubs. You'll also find François strutting about the village, so don't be shy to inquire about where he'll be performing later – Ooh-la-la!
Giacomo the Jester
Present every weekend except Mar 17 - 19
Returning his comedy Juggling show to Sherwood, this professional joker will have you in stitches with his many talents. Find him at the Grove Stage and around the village walking on ropes, juggling, conjuring, and sometimes even serenading you. And don’t miss the OOPS! Comedy Knife-Throwing Show that Giacomo performs along with resident fool Paolo Garbanzo, thrice daily at the Greenwoode Theatre.
The Great Antone
This roving musician can be found playing his bouzouki under the shade of Sherwood’s majestic trees. You’ll also hear his steady drums all through the season at the Jousting shows of the New Riders of the Golden Age. The Great Antone will also join in with various fellow musicians in the lanes and on the stages of Sherwood, as well as drumming for King Richard’s Army at the Siege of Nottingham Castle at Day’s End.
The Great Rondini
Mar 4 – Apr 2
Come and be amazed by the Great Rondini the first five weekends of the show! See him escape from chains, a straitjacket, and strong iron locks --- all at the same time! You’ll find this one-of-a-kind showman in the lanes of Sherwood Forest near the Jousting field and then in the evenings by Sherwood Castle, always trying to get into a bind he can’t get out of. Canst thou bind him tight enough when he hands you the locks?
Gunnar Sølberg
Mar 4 - 19
Gunnar Sølberg plays upbeat traditional music to warm the heart. Hear his music in the lanes at various times throughout the faire. His Scandinavian and European musical lore will to take your soul back into a bygone area. Find him at the Horseman Stage and other venues around the faire every on our first three weekends.
Gypsy Eyes
These alluring belly dancers will excite and impress you as they whirl about in Robin Hood’s Forest. With a top-notch percussion team including Joachim Morrissey and Phrank Bramlitt, Gypsy Eyes will enchant you at the Elven Hill Stage each day of the faire. So fill thy tankard with thy beverage of choice from the nearby Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub for a drum and dance show that will move you to open your inner Gypsy Eyes. Maybe even the third one…
Gypsy Rox
Mar 17 - 26
Gypsy Rox is a young duo with ancient Gypsy and Celtic roots. Michelle Alany joins the adventurous guitar playing of Ky Hote and the steady rhythm of percussionist Rio Blue to present a feast of instrumentals and songs. Gypsy Rox brings songs and tunes from all over. Their all-original arrangements are sometimes made up on the spot and no two shows are alike! Gypsy Rox play the Three Stags Pub as our featured guests.
Hands of Fatima Belly Dance
These unbridled belly dancers come from the far and mysterious lands of the East. Feel the rhythm of distant cultures as the Hands of Fatima spin, swirl, and sway for you as their ensemble of musicians play on! The Hands of Fatima are sure to make you swoon. Just follow the sound of Gypsy magic to the brand new Lionheart Tavern. They will also appear from time to time at the Round Table of King Richard’s knights, the Dragons of the Round.
Iris & Rose – Wild & Thorny!
Adults only, April 1-2 only
Iris & Rose – Wild & Thorny! is a naughty, bawdy, comedy experience. Taking top honors for several years running in the Best Bawdy Act category of the Renaissance Festival Podcast Awards, these two singing sisters share suggestive songs, tickling toasts, lusty limericks, and jaw-dropping jokes. Performing at the brand new Lionheart Tavern on the first weekend in April, Iris & Rose encourage mature audiences to laugh and make merry with them as they make light of life’s more serious subjects. Hoist a pint and lift up your cares!
The Jackdaws
Apr 8 - 23
The Jackdaws deliver original and traditional Irish jams to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite your inner Irishman and have you coming back for more with driving melodies and relentless, aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar and a darned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws!
Klaus of Hamlin
Klaus Wieland, a once up-and-coming star on the German folk-rock scene who “disappeared” to India at the height of his career, has turned up in medieval Nottingham at Sherwood Forest Faire. His fans from the days of olde still wonder where he may be, but you will be lucky enough to find his lovely voice and lilting guitar here in this very forest! Klaus holds court daily at his family shoe shop, Medieval Moccasins, not far from the Joust Arena.
Knights of Ragnarok and the Crusade
Ever vigilant and always at the ready, the warriors of medieval battles hone their skills throughout the day at their encampment next to Einar’s Emporium. Live sparring matches will take place there all weekend, and late in the day these bold warriors will face each other in the Jousting arena. They will also appear on horseback in an afternoon Robin Hood scene at the Joust field as well as the Castle Siege in the late afternoon.
Lady Ophelia Dance
Apr 8 - 23
Lady Ophelia invites you to flirt the old fashioned way! Watch, dance, frolic, & flirt as you are entwined in the history, the joy, and the traditions of the dance. Please help welcome Lady Ophelia to Sherwood Forest. She’ll hold dance gatherings twice a day at The Seven Sisters Sacred Stone Circle, and will also host a Kids’ show in Sherwood’s Children’s area Once Upon a Time…
Lady Ophelia’s Twisted Tales
Especially suitable for children. Apr 8 - 23
Twisted Tales is a lighthearted family friendly audience participation show where laughter and hijinks ensue! Fairy Godmother in training, Lady Ophelia takes ordinary fairy tales and twists the plot to all new heights to create whole new stories that everyone will enjoy! Seek out Lady Ophelia at the Faery Forest Stage in Sherwood’s Children’s area, Once Upon a Time…
Living Statue Zach Gassman
Apr 1 - 23
Watch out! The best place to hide is out in the open. This old statue may catch you by surprise. He may seem like he’s been standing there for years, but when stone comes to life, you are sure to be in for some silliness. Zach Gassman comes to you as the founder, Duke, Arch Duke, Regent and only member of Silver Soldier Productions. His giant frame causes him to stand out in a crowd in spite of standing perfectly still. Come find him hiding in plain sight and challenge him to a staring contest; or just take a silly picture with him. He swears not to blink, and also promises to make you laugh hysterically as he suddenly startles the unsuspecting passerby. Can you spot him before he spots you?
Madman Maverick
Mar 4 - 26
This insane gypsy shall perform dangerous and magical feats at the Three Celestials Stage on the first 4 weekends of faire. Madman Maverick will amaze and confuse you with his variety of stunts and illusions. See him put kids in guillotines, blow fireballs, and make a gypsy fool of himself (and of possibly you, too)
Marc Gunn
Mar 25 – Apr 2
The “Celtfather” brings his Autoharp to the Horseman Stage, The Plum Tree Stage and the Three Stags Pub for two consecutive weekends. Sit and have a listen to Marc Gunn’s colorful wisdom of all things Celtic, Comic, and Cat. This kind Irish gentleman will fill thy head with niceties and nonsense as he plays for you songs original, traditional, and others that are somewhere in between. His first show of each day will be his specialty: Drinking Songs for Cat-Lovers. Marc also welcomes his old partner in rhyme, Andrew McKee as Sherwood Forest Faire hosts a rare reunion weekend of the Brobdingnagian Bards!
Medieval Jugging League of Sherwood
Jugging is a military strategy sport, not unlike football or rugby. But in place of the pig skin players compete to capture a “dog skull” with medieval weapons to defend and attack. The Medieval Jugging League of Sherwood will demonstrate this exciting sport for you each day of faire in the forest near the Blacksmith shop by the Front Gate. Join the Medieval Jugging League for action-packed contact sportsmanship with swords, shields and duels to the death! Come see this rag tag team of medieval athletes get medieval on each other.
Merlin the Wise
Especially suitable for children
The mysterious man who lives backward through time welcomes you to join him in and around Once Upon a Time... Sherwood’s children’s area. See Merlin perform astounding acts of disappearing, levitating, and magically causing kids of all ages to laugh. Come see amazing feats of magic and music by Merlin and friends. Look for this Wizard at the Faery Forest Stage, the Horseman Stage, and along the paths of the forest.
Merry Moira
Saturdays Only
Eleven year-old Moira first took the stage as a faire cast member when she was still in her mamma’s belly. Now she is making a name for herself by playing the violin for festival crowds in the light of day! Having worked with Celtic Fiddle virtuoso Sean Orr for the past year, she has come a long way, and is now enjoying playing in the woods of Sherwood Forest. Look, and listen, for Moira as she wanders the lanes serenading passersby with her beautiful tunes.
Miss Elysandre: Village Crafter
Miss Elysandre Atherton is a master crafter, who wants to share her expertise in medieval crafts with YOU. You'll find her in Once Upon a Time... Sherwood Forest's kids' area and roaming around the village. She doesn't just show you how to do a craft; she will actually give you the materials to make them yourself, so you can take them home with you! Among her many crafts, she teaches; basic sewing, bookbinding, Medieval textile printing, embroidery, painting, doll-making, stick loom weaving, fingerloop, braiding, nalbinding, knitting, crochet, and needle lacemaking - just to name a few. Miss Elysandre thinks it important for people to have the chance to take home something they’ve made and can be proud of.
New Riders of the Golden Age
With a hearty HUZZAH and a mug raised high above your head, once again, help Sherwood Forest welcome this legendary jousting team, The New Riders of the Golden Age! These bold knights will awe you with sword fighting and daring deeds in a stunt show guaranteed to amaze you. And then… at each performance these true-to-life jousters will also clash against one another in genuine FULL CONTACT competitive jousting matches. From the original Full Contact jousting group, Warhorse Productions, the New Riders of the Golden Age bring pageantry and peril to Sherwood Forest’s Joust Arena. Hip! Hip! HUZZAH!
OOPS! Comedy Knife Throwing Show
Present every weekend except Mar 17 – 19
Giacomo the Jester and his not-so-trusty apprentice Paolo Garbanzo compete for laughs in this hilarious and death-defying act at the Greenwoode Theatre. You may get to be part of the fun and danger too, as they will choose several of our fine patrons to help them juggle and throw sharp objects at each other, among other dangerous items. Bring your own blindfold, because you may just decide to use it.
Opal and Jade: Off-Colored Treasures
Opal and Jade are a pair of bawdy singing sisters. Opal is a professional smart aleck, who will tickle your wit – and Jade is just a vicious trollop who will make you laugh beer out your nose. These alluring and suggestive experts of the arts of love will serenade you at the Three Stags Pub and other houses of ill repute around the village.
Paolo Garbanzo the Juggling Fool
Especially suitable for children
Find this crazy Italian juggling knives, throwing fire, and balancing on precarious objects at the Greenwoode Theatre every day of the faire. This flawless manipulator of dangerous objects will have you juggling yourself as you try not to laugh your way off your seat. Paulo will also team up with Giacomo the Jester for a knife-throwing show that will either frighten away all your troubles away or chop them into a flaming minestrone.
Private Sword Tutoring
Adults Only
Work with the traditional Medieval weapon of your choice in an interactive session taught by the Master! Only 3 students per session - Adults only. This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.
Queen Bonnie
Limited Engagement
Queen Bonnie is a lady wizard who has been called the magical Queen of Everything. She can be found in the lanes entertaining passersby with naughty nursery rhymes, riddles, jokes, limericks, songs, stories, and mirth and merriment for young and old alike. See her with her adorable Scottish cat, Tachi. Queen Bonnie also has an Evil twin sister who shows up from time to time dispensing much of the same mirth, but with a pirate’s scowl and the occasional “Arrr!” And if you happen to see them both at the same time… then you have had way too much to drink!
Saxon Moon
Having first played for Sherwood at the first annual Sherwood Celtic Music Festival, these olde world instrumentalists bring mystical sounds of bygone eras, from Viking and Celtic tunes to rhythms of the ancient East. They will rock the Greenwoode Theatre every day at the faire, where they will call on the spirits of the ancients in order to stir your soul with mystical tunes. They will also be accompanied by the incredible fire dancers of Solar Rain for some of their sets.
Shakespeare Comedies
Shakespeare was once summoned by Merlin to Sherwood Forest 400 years before his own life time! Although he has faded back to his own time of the 16th Century, he has left behind a band of actors who continue to perform off-beat spoofs of the Bard’s work. Don’t miss their mad-cap-highly-hyphenated-mash-ups of Shakespeare’s masterpieces including the Five Minute Hamlet, Lover’s Smack Down, and other less-well-known Shakespearian classics. Find these merry players on the Three Celestials Stage and around the village.
Shakespeare for Kids by Kids
Comedy of Errors Apr 22 -23
The Improv-Ed Shakespeare Company consists of two different troupes ranging in age from six to thirteen years. The players rehearse in a hovel many miles from the forest on the east side of ye olde towne of Austin. Determined to make Shakespeare accessible for even the youngest rabble, this traveling troupe presents the stories of the Bard using a mix of both 'modern' and Shakespearean language. Never fear, ye lads and lassies! By our troth, we will help thee 'get' Shakespeare at the Three Celestials Stage!
Apr 15-23 only
Prepare thyself for high adventure! Emerging from the deep forest, the mystical merry minstrels, Shillelagh!, will travel to Sherwood for the last two weekends of the faire. Witness Boswell the Scott weave guitar and flutes in and out of songs as Laura Thunderbutterfly's voice dances along. Her bass thrums a rythmn with Cornelius Tree's pulsating drums, as Master Sean Orr’s fiddle catches fire in your soul. And Lo! Join them to heartily welcome to their troop Master Bones Jangle as Shillelagh! (pronounced SHEE-LAY-LEE, spelled S-T-I-C-K) rouses the Three Stags Pub on our final two weekends! Come and give a listen to music so enchanting you'll feel like a gnome, listening to the sounds of the forest as you dance a jig beneath a toadstool.
Sky Kings Falconry
Especially suitable for children
King Richard’s own falconry master, Sir Robert Cheseman, appears at the Falconry Stage several times daily. Watch these amazing birds in flight, and learn about their history, their special skills, and what you can do to help them remain the Kings of the Sky for many more centuries to come.
7th Annual Combat Tournament of Sherwood
Adult Content, Adult Humor and Graphic Violence
Witness 4 international fighting champions, Masters of the Western Martial Arts, pit their strength and brutality against each other in a violent contest where you decide the outcome! This show is at the Combat Arena located between the Maze and the Elven Hill Stage on your program map.
7th Annual Jousting Tournaments of Sherwood
Mar 25 – 26 & Apr 15 – 16
The New Riders of the Golden Age and Sherwood Forest Faire host TWO annual full-contact jousting tournaments! The first will be on Sherwood’s 4th weekend, Mar 25 & 26, and the second Tournament will be on seventh weekend, Apr 15 & 16. Mark your calendars, for these shall be days of ACTION indeed! Between 8 and 12 jousters will compete each day on these two weekends to win the king’s favour as the mightiest knight in all England!
Solar Rain Fire Show
Saturdays Only plus Friday Mar 17
For those of you who will be camping at Sherwood, we’ll have one last show inside the campgrounds after the closing cannon. Dancers and spinners will amaze you with an Inflammable spectacle of whirling fire and explosive juggling! You’ll be glad you stayed when you see this passion play of burning desire, incredible fire props, and enthralling dance moves, all to the beat of a live drum circle.
Spark the Faery
Spark the Faery is a fire and nature faery who encourages you to believe in the goodness of the rarely seen world of faeries and fae folk. She comes to Sherwood bringing one of a kind sparkling faery hair - colorful hair tinsel for fae friends of all ages. Visit Spark near the Faerie Courtyard to hear the sounds of her dragon egg drum, and get your own sparkling fairy hair!
Stary Olsa
Mar 4 –Apr 2
This Belarusian band of minstrels is a Medieval marvel, straight out of a music history book. Zmicer Sasnouski plays, bagpipe, with Aleys Chumakov on shawms, gusli and rebec, Illya Kublicki on Lute and cister, Maria Sharyi on flutes and shawms, as well as Sergei Tapcheuski and Alexei Voitsekh playing drums and percussion. Sound interesting at all? Stary Olsa have crossed the raging sea to show us here in jolly olde England that Belarusian music is here, and it’s here to stay! So get up off of that krum horn, and get yourself to our brand new pub, The Lionheart Tavern for a show that will knock your chauces off!
Tamuri'L the AvarieL Elf
Limited Engagement
This rare winged Elf of the sky has been found alighting and roaming the Nottingham Shire lanes for many seasons. Tamuri'L is from the Avian race of reclusive Elves that used to dwell high in the mountain regions of this World. These Elves would fly above the great Centaurians in the Great Dragon Wars to bring peace to the lands for all creatures, which brought her race to the verge of extinction, leaving only her to remain. Many call her the 'Angel of Sherwood Forest' because of the pure whiteness of her colours and her fast movements. As of late, she has even been spotted with a magical wee-white horse when the weather be fair. Meeting her on path, you shall be able to consider yourself lucky, as she exudes a rare Magic that shall hold you and any child spell-bound.
Thomas Wood, Pyrojuggler
Mar 17-19
Please welcome the long-awaited Pyrojuggler, Thomas Wood to the forest of Robin hood. This highly-skilled manipulator of objects uses juggling balls, torches, knives, bowling balls, crystal balls, full glasses of water, clubs and about anything you could think of. He also performs fire eating, fire blowing, transferring, fire-staff spinning, and a finale that literally leaves a mushroom cloud above your head! He is also known far and wide as a contact-juggling specialist. What is contact juggling? Contact juggling is simply not something that you can accurately convey in print. It has to be experienced. Beautiful dances of balance, grace, and line of motion which makes crystal balls look as if they are floating over Thomas’s body like some sort of surrealistic dream. Children will smile, grown men will laugh and giggle like school girls, women will swoon, and the Pyrojuggler will see that all are surprised and delighted! Find this flaming dare devil at the Washing Well Stage on our 3-day weekend, Mar 17-19.
Tulstin Troubadours
Here’s a Celtic trio of merry minstrels who cannot decide which instruments they like to play the most – so they just play as many as they can get their hands on! From harp to trombone to drums to the Indian psaltery, the Tulstin Troubadours are sure to put thee in a merry mood. Also listen for their brass horn flourishes that summon you to events like the opening Gate Show and the Joust! Find them at the Grove Stage the Horseman Stage, and The Three Celestials stage – by Jove, you might find them anywhere!
Vince Conaway
Mar 17 – Apr 9
Vince Conaway, a musician and composer, can be found performing a wide variety of music on hammered dulcimer throughout the continent, and Europe with music ranging through Celtic, medieval, renaissance, and baroque repertoires. An interactive performer, Vince believes that the audience should not be separated from the show but instead be a part of it, and he brings a bit of cultural and historical perspective to every performance. "Go ahead and ask him a geeky question. Odds are that he'll have an answer - and that he'll keep playing while he talks" - Medieval Cookery. Find this talented soloist at the Grove Stage and around the village for four consecutive weekends.
Washing Well Wenches
Sherwood welcomes the Washing Well Wenches again for all 8 weekends of the faire! Good Clean Fun - Wet Dirty Women. Your village laundresses, Corky and Daphne, will scrub your funny bone and knock your socks off... into the wash, that is! Nimble, naughty, and absolutely available! Find them at the Washing Well stage for 27 minutes of pure bliss!
Wine and Alchemy
Wine and Alchemy returns! This unique world music band, performs a fusion of original and traditional music derived from a wide variety of times and cultures including: Greek, Gypsy, Celtic, Medieval European, French, Sephardic, Turkish, and others. In addition to vocals in a myriad of languages, violin, accordion, and guitar, the band features a variety of exotic instruments including hurdy gurdy, Turkish saz or greek bouzouki, harmonium, viola da gamba, tupan and a hand drum kit comprised of doumbek, djembe, kick tupan, and cymbals. Singer, composer, director, as well as harmonium and hurdy gurdy player, Roxanne Bruscha, adds to the visual of Wine and Alchemy's live show with a unique World Fusion Belly Dance performance featuring veil spinning and sword balancing. You’ll find this wonderful renaissance favorite at the Elven Hill Stage.