Food & Beverage

2016 Menu

Check back soon for updates for 2017.

Dishes suitable for vegetarians appear in green.

  • BrouHaHa – Booth 115
    Ogre Toes; Dragon Toes; Scotch Egg; Sorcerer’s Surprise; Beasty with Buns; Boar on a Bun; Shredded Troll; Cat in a Bag; Portabella Mushrooms; Satyr “Tamatyrs” with a Frilly Fritter; Gooey Cake Tarts; Heavenly Hubbub Pie; Assorted Muffins; Hot Coffee; Hot Teas; Hot Chocolate
  • Como Ristorante ItalianoBooth 656
    Whole Pizza Pie (Various Toppings); Pizza by the Slice (Various Toppings); Home Made Lasagna with Meat Sauce; Chicken Parmigiano with Pasta; Hand Cut and Battered Calamari Strips; Meatball Sandwich; Italian Sausage Sandwich with Sautéed vegetables; Pasta Marinara; Garlic Pesto Cream Pasta; The Robyn’s Feast Tomato Basil Bisque Served in a homemade bread bowl; Fried Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce;Fried Eggplant strips; Chefs Weekend Special (alternating each weekend)
  • The Greek AgoraBooth 122
    Gyro Bowls; Chicken Corfu Pita; Seafood Corfu Pita; Mediterranean Sausage Pita; Hummus; Greek Salad; Dolmathes; Greek Gyros; Greek Gyro Platter with Rice Pilaf and Side Salad; Veggie Pita
  • The Jerusalem CaféBooth 203
    Jerusalem Mix; Shish Kabob; Cuscus with Chicken; Hummus; Stuffed Grape Leaves; Crepes; Tabouli Salad; Cuscus with Veggies; Falafel; Baklava; Turkish Coffee
  • Lettuce InnBooth 107
    Turkey Legs; Meat Chili; Vegetarian Chili; Broccoli Cheese Soup or Chicken Gumbo in a Bread Bowl; Garden Salad; Fruit Salad; Caesar Salad; Baked Potatoes; Bratwurst; Sausage on a Stick; Cornish Hens; Parrot Legs
  • Marco Polo’s Taste of the WorldBooth 606
    Guinness Battered Fish and Chips; Seafood platter served with Guinness Battered Fish, Seasoned Calamari rings and Seasoned Steak Fries; Chicken Fingers with Seasoned Steak Fries; Fried Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce; Steak Fries; Pasta with Marinara Sauce; Macaroni with Cheese Sauce; Funnel Cakes; Dragon Dots
  • Medieval MunchiesBooth 503
    Mahi Mahi; Fried Oysters; Oysters on a Bun; Jambalaya; Fish ‘n Chips; Chicken Tenders; Shepherd’s Pie; Meat Pies; Spinach Pies; Strudel; Boiled Peanuts; Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Pecans or Cashews
  • Merlin’s FavoritesBooth 413
    Red Beans and Rice; Hungarian goulash; Chicken Paprikash; Bangers and Mash; Sausage (Polish and Italian); Jester Chips; Pork Rinds; Bourbon Chicken over Rice; Gondola Sandwich; Fried Artichokes; Fried Olives; Funnel Cakes; Blooming Onion; Onion Rings; Fries; Portobello Mushrooms; Deep Fried Mushrooms; Fried Bananas; Fried Cookies; Fried Pretzel; Fried Veggies
  • Robin’s Kitchen & Maid Marian’s Creperie – Booth 419
    Beef on a Stick; Chopped Steak Sandwich; Crepes Stuffed with Meat, Fish and/or Vegetables; Baked Potatoes; Grilled Vegetables; Vegetable Crepes; Rice; Salad; French Onion Soup; Mushroom Soup; Dessert Crepes
  • Tim Haughton’s Highland Café and BakeryBooth 607
    Turkey Leg; Peasant Platters; Sausage on a Stick; Bread; Pastries; Milkshakes; Floats; Coffee; Tea; Hot Chocolate; Espresso; Cappuccino

Lighter Fare

  • Champion Kettle CornBooth 218
    Kettle Corn
  • The Chocolate CacophonyBooth 410
    Fudge; chocolate-dipped fruit
  • The King’s Gone NutsBooth 320
    Roasted nuts
  • The PuffinBooth 653
    Coffee, Premium hot teas, Spicy Ginger Chai, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Multiple syrup flavorings and milk options
  • Jerky McGherkin’s Pickle PatchBooth 635
    Beef jerky; Pickles
  • Sweet Lolli’s Magical TreatsBooth 405A

Quench Thy Thirst

These five carts serve water, soda and lemonade:

  • The Boatswain’s LandingLocated near the pond by the Front Gate
  • Dragon’s DrinksLocated near the Mud Stage
  • The Fountain of YouthLocated in the Once Upon a Time… children’s quarter
  • Robin Hood’s RefreshmentsLocated near the Greenwoode Stage
  • Tilted TonicsLocated near the Joust

These six bars serve all beverages including water, soda, lemonade, beer, wine and mead:

  • Fagan’s FrothLocated near the Falconry Stage
  • Jacob’s WellLocated next to the flushing toilets in the vicinity of the front gate
  • The Jolly RogerLocated at the top of the hill near the Elven Hill stage
  • The Scarlet VardoLocated near the Horseman Stage
  • Three StagsLocated between the Plum Tree and Majestico Stages
  • Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem PubLocated at the top of the hill next door to the flushing toilets