Forest Quest

Forest Quest is the newest addition to Sherwood Forest Festival’s suite of faire games. Travel around site solving a series of puzzles and riddles in order to achieve your final objective. The full game is comprised of eight sequential chapters, one featured episode released each week of faire. Using your cunning, wit, skill, and logic, resolve each weekly challenge and earn clues to help you advance in the final chapter.

Players can start any week of faire, but must start with chapter one, and can only play up to the current weekend’s featured episode.  Players who successfully complete all eight puzzles will be entered to win a 45 minute Rapture Experience.  The final drawing will be held at the final Falconry Show on the last day of the final weekend of faire, and the lucky winner will be able to hold, handle, and fly a selection of birds from the Royal Falconer’s collection

Tickets are $6 a person, $10 for teams of two. Season passes are available, $45 for single players or $72 for teams of two.  When you are ready to start your quest, find the Gamekeeper between the Trip to the New Jerusalem and the privies at the top of the hill., or for more information please contact

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5% of the profits of Forest Quests are donated to RESCU Foundation.