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Product List:

Viking Shirts
Men’s Tunics
Pants (short and long)
Skirts of Many Types
Women’s Shirts and Tie Tops
Assorted Dresses
Petal Capes
Occasional Cloaks
Assorted Randoms of Unique Making

“Fine Fabric Fashions For All Forms.”

Please ask about custom orders. I love a challenge!

Sizing Measurements –

The basis for sizes is by chest (bust), shoulder, sleeve, waist, length from shoulder to end of garment OR waist to end of garment, and bicep where applicable. Each garment is labeled accordingly. Waist often doesn’t matter as much because garments have adjustable elastic in most cases.

Viking Shirts, and Men’s Tunics : Cotton based fabrics are used with a keyhole neckline, or a V-neck styling with brocade trim on neck and sleeves. These are the most popular item for custom orders. Shirts and tunics can also be done without brocade trim in which case lines of stitching are substituted. Options are the Thorin (long sleeve), Thorin Archer (short sleeve), Thorin Tunic (long or short sleeve), Norse (bell sleeve), and sleeveless. Suitable for women’s wear too.

Pants: Long wide leg, long narrow leg, short wide leg, short narrow leg, wrap (tie on), “harem”, and pieced legs best describe the styles of pants we carry. Sizes are measured by a range of waist, and length of pants itself.

Dresses : Long dresses with full bell sleeves, cap sleeves, and sleeveless dresses in assorted sizes. Lengths vary. Other styles are sometimes available so please always ask what’s in stock, or suggest stock.

Women’s Shirts : Shorter versions of the dresses are available as shirts. A-line tank tops are also made, and peasant shirts with long sleeves. There are also some experimental shirt items from time to time that vary in style.

Tie tops : These come in sleeveless, full sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, tapered sleeve, split sleeve short, split sleeve long, and cap sleeve styles. You can wear it on it’s own, with a bra, with a bodice, with another tie top, and over a shirt. We can show you all the little tricks that you can do when wearing it. Sizes are very adjustable to many body types.

Petals: Cloaks with armholes for ease of wear. These come in many fabrics from practical solids to whimsical sheers. Sizes are measured by length from shoulder to ankle.

Skirts : Two circle, full circle, half circle, straight with slits, pieced scrap, square, swirl, kite scrap, strip scrap, and double layer are many of the styles we carry.

Accessories, and Random: This covers everything else in little details that varies in availability according to supplies, or time leftover to make it.

About the Company –

I am M.A.E. “Dragoness” Horton, seamstress and owner. My vision is to have items of high quality crafted in small batches, or unique individual items that rest in the true traditions of old seamstress and tailor manufacturing. Items are created from fabrics found, remnants, or single bolt runs. Often to suit many tastes odd colors or patterns are used which find their homes in meshing with somebody’s personality when they try it on and fall in love with it.

These garments can be suitable for Renaissance, gypsy, Middle Eastern, cosplay, steampunk, anime, and other styles depending upon combinations of them. Alternatively, you might pick items to compliment or complete an outfit you already own. Many people like wearing these garments just whenever or where ever.

I rarely use a surger on my garments as this modern stitching does not suit the fanciful styling of the designs, and can be weaker than the straight stitch with zig-zag method currently used on the seams. I am the main seamstress of my own company so items have to pass at least my own standards of quality before I let them be released for sale. Sometimes vintage fabrics or notions are used, and with these a little extra care may be required with a garment. Most things are gentle wash, and light dryer or line dry.

I love working with friends on ideas, and items. Much deserving credit goes to those closest to me for being where I am today. Creative wise minds over time have gone into the design, and manufacture of the goods carried in the store. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

I love custom orders for creative people. I do my best to achieve the vision you would like to see come to reality from your mind. I give an estimate on cost and time with every special order so you know more or less what to expect.

Please, if you have questions just ask. Very minor repairs or alterations on anything I manufacture myself are often free. Should the unlikely occur on a garment destructing in an unreasonable manner within a year of purchase please consult with me on what I might be able to do for you.

(512) 745 7993                                                              abtrove@imali.x10.mx

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