Craft Demonstrations

Jonathan Gryder the Potter
You’ll find this fun-loving potter demonstrating his craft just down the hill from the Elven Hill Stage at High Ground Potter shop. He will charm you with his comedic personality as he spins pottery for the market-goers of Sherwood Forest Faire.

Demonstrations throughout the day
Mark Haller Glassblower
Lords and Ladies, please help us welcome Mark Haller, a celebrated artist who has been working with off-hand blown glass for over twenty-five years. His creations are evocative, having been inspired by nature, theoretical mathematics and his own meaningful relationships. He is currently doing in-depth presentations throughout the country using a portable furnace he built for travel. Mark invites you to learn more about this fascinating and versatile material we are all still discovering.

Demonstrations throughout the day
Village Blacksmith
Tiger and Erin Flores of Elgin’s own Earthen Metals invite you to look on as they turn formless iron into functional artwork that you can take home to your castle. There will be no specific demonstration times for they will be steadily working throughout the day as the Village Blacksmith did in days of yore. They will be happy to explain where they are in the process at any time you wish to show up.

Demonstrations Throughout the Day