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Our History and Mission:

In 1981, as she held her newborn daughter in her arms, Ingrid Wendt realized that she couldn’t leave her beautiful child and return to the corporate work-a-day world. A few weeks later, when a friend approached her about making shoes for his boutique in New Orleans, Ingrid knew she’d found a way to earn a living with her hands while raising her daughter, Chela.
Taking elements from the shoes of the ancient Celts and Romans, Ingrid and her husband, Klaus, developed a unique design of footwear that is both comfortable and fashionable. Within a few years, the couple was showing at Renaissance and Arts/Crafts Festivals all over the country.
Today, Medieval Moccasins is a business focusing on customer service, integrity and the quality of each pair of shoes we create. This attention to the customer and handcrafting a superior product is what has made us a thriving retail and internet venue with a family of thousands of customers with happy feet!
Whether you are wandering the grounds of a festival, hiking a forest path, strolling down an avenue, or walking down the aisle, treat your feet to this one of a kind shoe. You may buy them for costume, but you will wear them for life!


Chela Wendt-Weiland is the daughter of founder Ingrid Wendt. Chela has maintained an active role in the business throughout her life, beginning as a dutiful sandal lacer at age seven and an enthusiastic sales representative not long after. She later became a partner in the business, and adopted complete responsibility in August 2013, after Ingrid’s passing. Though a humanist by study, and a beacon of light and encouragement to all who know her, Chela is eager to continue the business her parents began over 30 years ago. When asked about her favorite part of Medieval Moccasins, Chela says

“I love making something with my own hands that can change people’s lives. I love hearing stories from customers who can walk in comfort thanks to our shoes, and seeing their eyes light up when we have or can make a cute, colorful, comfortable shoe that works with their feet, no matter how unique their feet might be.”

For further contact, you can via email or phone at (512) – 722 – 6069 or 1 – (877) – 891 – 3550

Buy them for costume, wear them for life! Inspired by ancient Celtic design, our shoes are equally appropriate for historical period attire and modern fashion. Our comfort cannot be matched, and hard to fit, problem feet are one of our specialties.

logo Our tall boot style in Purple suede makes a striking wedding statement. His and Hers closed toe moccasins, available in a variety of colors.
All decked out: all the shoe maker's elves showing how they wear their favorites. elf elf
elf elf

Our Fairs:

Sherwood Forest Faire, February/March, Texas
North Texas Irish Festival, February/March, Texas
Scarborough Renaissance Festival, April/May, Texas
Celtic Fling, June, Pennsylvania
New York Fairy Festival, June, New York
Pennsic War, July/August, Pennsylvania
Maryland Renaissance Festival, August/September/October, Maryland