Swan Lace Clothiers

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Product List


  • Velvet Berets – Adult and Child
  • Muffin/Pie Hats – Adult and Child
  • Jester/Fool’s Hat – 2 and 3 Point
  • Lace Top Sun Hats w/Palm Leaf Braided Brim
    4 Sizes for a Secure Fit – So You Don’t Chase Your Hat Instead of Wearing it!
  • Hair Snoods (made in USA)
    • Hand Crocheted w/drawstring
    • Bobbin Lace w/Hand Crochet shaping (Hand Dyed in Bastrop, TX)
  • Fru-Fru – Silk Flower w/Feather Plumage Clips for your Hair or clipped to our Lace Top Sun Hats
  • Tall Socks – Stripy & Solid Colors (Made in USA)
  • Cloth and Velvet pouches

Clothing, Corsets & Belts

  • The Modern Sarong Dress – 15 Sizes, Bust 30” to 58”.  Can Now Be Worn in 17 Styles! We offer a Personal, In-Shop Tour for a Perfect Fit – Printed Instructions included.
  • Victorian Corsets
    Highest Quality, Guaranteed!
    We use Spiral Steel Boning, Industrial Eyelets & our Fashion Fabrics are professionally Bonded in the USA for a Lifetime Guarantee!

    • Reversible Full – Ready to Wear Selection – (Sewn in Austin, TX)
      – We Also Offer Custom Fittings In-Shop for a Guaranteed Perfect Fit including your personal Color Fabric combinations – 4 to 6 weeks delivery on Special Orders.
    • Under-Bust – 2 styles: Reversible Long w/side lacing & Busk front closure
  • Waist Cinch Belts (Reversible, Laced front w/Steel Boning in front & @ center back)
  • Cocoon Jackets -a Bat Wing Sleeves, open front wrap.
  • Vests – reversible Adult and Child
  • Hooded Capes – Long and Short
  • Monk/Wizard Robes – Adult
  • Cap Sleeve/Tunic Shirts – Adult and Child
  • Rogue Shirt Sleeveless Tunic – Also well suited to layered over our Cavalier Shirts – Adult, 4 sizes
  • Dashing Long Sleeve Costume Shirts
    • Cavalier Shirt, Laced front w/Collar – Adult, 4 sizes, Small up to 3X
    • Poet Shirt, w/Open neck – Adult, 3 sizes, Small up to X/Lg
    • Collar Renaissance Shirt – Junior and Child
  • Costume Pocket Pants – Adult, 5 Sizes, Small up to XX/Lg
  • High Cuff Pocket Pants – Adult, 3 Sizes, Small up to Large
  • Kilts (USA made Twill & Blackwatch Plaid)
  • No Pocket Pants (Also Called Harem Pants or long Bloomers for the Ladies) – Adult and Child
  • Bloomers – Adult
  • Chemises – Adult, Slim & Child/Jr. Sizes
  • Festival Dresses – Junior and Child
  • Women’s Blouses and Tops
    • Tie Top
    • Cloud Shirt
    • Off Shoulder Blouse
    • Peasant Blouse
    • Ruffle Collar – w/lace or matching fabric ruffle
    • V-Neck, Short Sleeve Peasant Blouse
    • Hand Crochet Lace Halter Tops
  • Women’s Skirts: Petite to Generous Sizing
    • Scarf Skirt – Long and Short
    • Lace Insert Scarf Skirt
    • Full Circle Pocket Skirt
    • Gored Panel, Lace Triangle Insert along the Hemline, Pocket Skirt
    • Tiered Ruffle Pocket Skirt – 3 Sizes & 2 Lengths
Video Series – Cutting a Lay, featuring Kathy Drake, Proprietress
Part I

Quoting From Facebook Page: Today we begin a brief video series titled “Cutting a Lay,” the process by which Kathy, Swan Lace proprietor, and her team cut the fabric for a garment in preparation to ship to our home-based seamstresses. In Part I, we see Kathy lining up the fabric saw and beginning to make the first incisions for a blouse pattern.

Part II

Quoting From Facebook Page: This is Part Two of our video series “Cutting a Lay,” an inside view of the process that brings the Swan Lace product to your world. Proprietor Kathy Drake is using a fabric saw to cut through nine inches of layered cloth. Notice she is following the pattern which was very carefully drawn on the top layer. The saw has a self-sharpening feature which allows her to cut cleanly through the fabric for the entire lay without having to change blades.

Part III

Quoting From Facebook Page: This is Part Three of our video series “Cutting a Lay,” an inside view of the process that brings the Swan Lace product to your world. Proprietor Kathy Drake is wearing her signature garment, the Modern Sarong the dress that can be worn 14 different ways.

Part IV

Quoting from Facebook Page: At this point, it is possible to notice that cutting fabric for a run of garments is….a process.

Part V

Quoting from Facebook Page: Slowly but surely, all the pattern pieces are being carved out of the stack of fabric.