Sylva Pagana

Gypsy Encampment

Contact Info

Patterson and Delaney Martin, email

Product List

All Natural Bath and Body
100% Natural Cosmetics
Bath Salts and Oils
Custom Perfumes and Apothecary
Men’s Skin and Beard Care
Natural Specimens
Runes and Oracles
Skin Care
Deodorant Spray
Solid Perfumes and Colognes
Spell Bottles
Room Spray
Spirit Skulls and Amulets
Spray Perfumes and Colognes
Perfume Jewelry

In a small cottage tucked into a bramble forest is a collection of tattered books, dusty bones, and countless bottles of potions, serums, and elixirs. Here is where our artisan perfumes and colognes, curiosities, and unique blends are created, conjured with the magic of the forest.

Sylva Pagana [from the Latin ‘woodland country-dweller’] uses the finest quality organic and natural oils from lands near and far to create unique, exotic, and magical blends to soothe, inspire, and beautify. We believe that natural botanicals are the living soul of Nature, and we work to find ethically, sustainably sourced materials.

Come into the forest and see what awaits…

Our faires and events

Sherwood Forest Renaissance Festival, McDade, TX, (February and March)
Norman Medieval Fair, Norman, OK, (April)
Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, Muskogee, OK, (May)
Indie Trunk Show, OKC, (May)
Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival, Eminence, KY, (June and July)
Kansas City Renaissance Festival, (September and October)
Plaza District Festival, OKC, (September)
Texarkana Renaissance Festival, (October)
Haunted Castle, Muskogee, OK (October)
Funky Finds, Fort Worth, TX (November)
Deluxe Winter Market, OKC (November)
Indie Emporium, Tulsa, OK (November)
Indie Trunk Show, OKC (December)
Castle Christmas, Muskogee, OK, (December)