The Village Leather Shoppe

Gypsy Encampment

Product List

Antler Necklaces
Arm Braces
Bags, Purses, Pouches
Belts (Ring and Buckle)
Brimmed Peasent Hats
Conchos (Various creations)
Fancy Hats
Fancy Rats
Flasks – Leather Wrapped
Floggers – Leather/Suede
Hair clips with beads/pearls
Hair Fancies (Feathers/Silk Flowers)
Hand Cuffs – Leather
Leather barefoot sandals
Leather Beverage Holders
Leather Butterfly/Dragonfly
Leather Chokers
Leather Flask Holders
Leather Flower Hair Clips
Leather mugs w/stainless steel inserts
Leather Waist Cinchers
Medieval Hats (Felt/Suede)
Minstrel’s Instrument straps
Mug Straps
Pirate hats for Kids
Ratt Mats
Robin Hood Hats
Single Ostrich/Pheasent Feathers
Skirt Hikes
Sword frogs
Waist Sashes
Wood Bowls with Leather Straps
Wristbands, Cuffs