Humility and Respect

The eighth season of Sherwood Forest Faire ended last evening.  We were plagued by six rain days, thus for the first year, our attendance numbers were down… but the last weekend was still a testimony to the future of our Faire.

I wanted to reflect on our community, the faire, experiences I have gleaned as the season progressed, especially in contrast to our beginnings.

The entertainment was great.  Joust, music, Washing Well Wenches, Falconry,  Bedlam Bards, Robin Hood and cast, and so many more excellent performances.

The grounds were beautiful.  Spring is when our magical forest awakens.

Our village crafters and artisans are enduring and supportive in bringing both art and skills while finding means to keep a good cheer even as rains kept patrons away.

Grounds Crew were stellar.

Our pub folk poured a good amount of ale and mead for thirsty faire-goers.

Over $30,000 was raised for RESCU Foundation, a 501©3 not-for-profit that assists Rennies with uninsured medical expenses.

After hours, walking through and visiting various Clans, was as meaningful and fun as it gets.

And stories—oh, the stories—people tell me of their love for our Faire, our community! I am so humbled and thankful.

Over the years, I have seen Sherwood grow from a dream and aspiration into a vibrant and evolving community of art, music, a respect for our participation in life and consciousness, and sharing.

Each year, there are some who enter our community and are, as I once heard the type described, psychic vampires—beings that live off of others’ spirit and soul and drain the life force from the healthy. They take more than they give.  And as Faire has matured, we have become more astute at recognizing these type and kindly escorting them from our midst.  We have become warriors of sorts to protect what we have and are creating here.

I had several conversations with people this weekend.  The message was similar: Sherwood is their home. Sherwood is a faire that respects the Rennie Community.  Sherwood is genuine.  Sherwood is more than business venture. Sherwood is about expressing a vision for what Faire can become when silos are torn down…and patrons, actors, performers, clans, artisans, management, and ownership are all toasting a loud HUZZAH to the company.

From the inception, what we hoped for, collectively, was a share journey.  And here we are 8 years later—stronger, more assured of our future, more humbled by all who have gathered around the fire circle.

We thank you for being a part of a dream—Sherwood Forest Faire—and we will see you next at one of our Gatherings, and if not then, we will swing open the gates  again for our 9th season in the Year of Our Lord, 1197AD!

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