July Gathering

This event takes place 1-4 Jul 2011 and is free of charge.

Due to continuing drought no private campfires will be allowed anywhere on Sherwood Forest Faire property this weekend.

Weekend schedule


4pm – Campground gates open – come one, come all to set up your campsites!


10am – 2pm – Volunteer opportunities (picking up limbs, removing stumps, leveling pathways, painting, planting, etc)
2pm – 8pm – cool off on our inflatable bouncy waterslide at the Seven Sisters! (same one as Labor Day last year)
5pm onward – Pot Luck Dinner at the Seven Sisters and jam session for anyone who is interested.  Please contact ky@kyhote.com to sign up for stage time.  Communal drumming will likely ensue also so bring your drums!


10am – 2pm – Volunteer opportunities (picking up limbs, removing stumps, leveling pathways, painting, planting, etc)
4pm – ? – Arrows will by flying by the dozen at the targets near the bridge to the Pirate Territory.  Bring your own bow and arrows and get in some practice!
5pm onward – Pot Luck Dinner at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.
8:30pm – Movie Night at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (We will bring a selection of fun movies and take a vote. Feel free to bring your favorite to offer up as a candidate – be sure to put your name on it) We will be watching Faire: An American Renaissance.  Someone pointed out that it is not legal to show a film at our venue without a public viewing license, so instead of doing something naughty we have chosen the film ahead of time and secured a viewing license for this weekend.  This film is a fascinating documentary dealing with the rise of the renaissance faire movement.   After the film is over we will be recording your reactions and submitting them to the producers for inclusion on a future DVD (participation optional, of course).
11:30pm – 12am – Magical, Mystical Faerie Walk… bring your maracas and nose flutes 😀  Starts at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and ends at the Seven Sisters.


8am – Round Top 4th of July Parade (see note below)
2pm – Site closes

What to bring

  • sunscreen
  • thick work gloves
  • mosquito repellent
  • flashlights
  • gardening tools such as rakes, hoes, pruning shears, shovels
  • misc equipment – if you have something that you think we might want to use, please email volunteers@sherwoodforestfaire.com to see if we need it
  • bathing suits and towels for afternoon waterslide fun on Saturday
  • food to share for both Saturday and Sunday.  (We have a limited amount of refrigerated storage that can be used to keep food safe for Sunday night.  Contact brian@sherwoodforestfaire.com to arrange).
  • drums and other musical instruments
  • lawn chairs
  • lawn games
  • cameras (please share your photos all over our Facebook and Flickr!)

We will provide copious amounts of water, soda, and beer; and a limited quantity of Thorin’s Viking Mead.  We have showers to help you clean up and/or cool off.  We’ll also have a waterslide (Saturday only).  We will provide plates, cutlery and napkins for meals.  Oh, and don’t discount the massive amounts of fun!

You can RSVP on Facebook or by replying to this post.

Round Top 4th of July Parade

We have contingents of Sherwood participants and supporters in attendance at many parades and events in Central Texas.  One such event is the 4th of July Parade in Round Top.  Anyone who wishes to join our group at this parade should meet in Round Top at 8am on Monday morning. Round top is 45 minutes from Sherwood.

Directions: From Sherwood go East on 290, past Giddings, and take a right on 237.  That will take you into downtown Round Top. Take a left before or after the courthouse, and then another left on 1457.  We should be on the left before “Rifle Hall”.  Our contingent will be there, dressed in garb, accompanied by a truck also dressed in garb (as a dragon) so should be easy to spot.  Anyone who wishes to participate as a parade walker must be fully dressed in garb, head to toe!  For more information about this parade or to be notified about others, seek out Zane this weekend, or call him at 512 731 2316, or email him at entertainment@sherwoodforestfaire.com.

Our Gatherings typically see dozens to hundreds of people coming out to help weed, garden, remove dead trees, plant grass, etc. Clans are allowed to work on their own campsites on these days and many vendors work on their own booths. We all get together in the evening for a pot-luck dinner, with entertainment provided by our own entertainers or new acts who wish to audition, and beverages are provided by the Faire.  All are welcome, and there is no charge for these events.

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