June 13th Gathering

Our next gathering at Sherwood Forest Faire will be June 13th, from 4pm-late.  Camping is welcome.  Supervised kiddos’ running around adds to the excitement.  Same scenario as past gatherings: walking tours, ale and soft drinks, folk may bring cover dishes for non-liquid sustenance, campfire in the evening…

Communion of common souls, interested vendors and patrons, sharing of ideas, the christening of the grounds as they progress over time.

The front gate is finished.

The billboards are up on U.S. 290.

Water is to the property, though we have yet to put in the waterlines.

The first vendor is constructing his booth (thanks Ron!).

The grounds have been prepared–all brush is now off the faire grounds, proper.

The fence is up.

Another stage is nearly complete–the Greenwood Stage.

The Children’s Area, “Once Upon A Time”, is under development.

CONSTRUCTION of Vendor Booths is now permitted if vendors have approved building plans.  Folk will need generators.

The road, while not graveled, has been bulldozed through the camping area.

In two weeks, a large container will be making its voyage across the seas carrying the seven obelisks, which will become The Seven Sisters Celtic Stone Circle.

We need folk to volunteer to start dropping off 25-50 brochures at establishments throughout Texas, especially in Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Dallas, Bryan-College Station, Austin, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Temple, Roundrock, and all places in between.

We also need small door posters hung where establishments will allow us to advertise the Faire.

We need old costumes, which you may be willing to donate for the acting company.

Also seeking more artists to become vendors and join Sherwood.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who are helping pass on the word of the Faire.  We think it will be quite spectacular for a First Year Faire.

Plan on joining us on June 13th to see the grounds, drink a pint with us, and offer your ideas, as well as pick up some brochures to distribute.



Ps. we are creating a wonderful story–a combined imaginative effort of all participants on www.renaissancefestival.com under Sherwood Forest tab, then under the “epic of sherwood”.  Visit it, think of you being within the forest in 1188, a year before the faire is to happen, become a part in the story and in reality.  Very creative, artistic and should be a lasting and evolving epic of this adventure we are on collectively.

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