Magic in the Air

Sherwood Forest Faire is a vibrant, alive and dynamic organism.  It is changing, evolving, and in a constant state of becoming.  George and I are transfixed at the its development…and feel very humbled to be even a small part of what is happening in these enchanted woods.  I received an email from Lady Songbird shortly after one of the last gatherings that I want to share with you.  It is a testimony of the spirit of something quite unique within this social and community experiment we are all engaged in at present:

Never in my life have I believed in MAJIC.  I have seen many “rhymes and reasons” for people to donate time to charities, causes and beliefs. When it comes to business… most of us look for $$$.   Not so, with these folks for SWFF!  I would have NEVER thought to parade for Scarby, TRF, or Middlefaire, or any other business.   Why Sherwood? Perhaps, partly, because it’s close to home… but mostly, because there is something here that I have not felt at any other faire.  Scarby is a nice, well established place. TRF is just too big for me. Perhaps it’s the “beginnings”. Or, perhaps, just maybe, there’s something SPECIAL in the air here, and we are all drawn together  by it.  Whatever it is… we are our own special family here… LONG LIVE SHERWOOD FOREST! LONG LIVE ERIC & GEORGE !  (and all who make it special!)   HUZZAH!!!
–Lady Songbird aka Harriet

We asked folk to come out and volunteer for four straight weekends recently.  We didn’t expect many to show except for the one planned Gathering; and even up until the time we had posted for work to begin each Saturday morning, we talked among ourselves and said how it was likely few would make it.  Yet, each Saturday, you astounded us with your numbers, with your love, with your dedicated work ethic, with your commitment to making Sherwood a better faire.

We finished the Mud Show Stage backdrop. We collected yaupon. We picked up sticks.  We sowed (literally) a ton of rye grass seed.  We ate pizza, drank soft drinks and beer; but more importantly, we talked and laughed and learned more about each other.

I have referred to Sherwood as an experiment many times…and I meant it.  Our society is in flux.  I think about it all the time.  We are so alienated from each other.  Our social fabric is frayed.  The extended family is all but destroyed.  We don’t know our neighbors anymore.  And we have a desperate need to belong…

So here we are… each with that proverbial paint brush… and the canvas is Sherwood.  We are all painting our desires, our wishes, our dreams upon this backdrop.  Some are painting art. Others notes of beautifully orchestrated music.  Still others scenes from plays being written within their psyches.

Our children are running around the grounds playing as children should with other kids.  Few to no computer games.  No TVs or radios.  No Nintendos.  Just conversations, imaginations, sticks seconding as swords or wands.

And what diversity!!! We are plumbers, carpenters, truck drivers, executives, school teachers, preachers, Christians, Wiccans, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Jains, Blacks, Whites, Native Americans, Hispanics, Gays, Straights, Transgenders, Artists, Athletes, crazies, sanes, and the list goes on and on.

I remember walking the streets of Amsterdam years ago… having been raised in central Texas… and having this amazing realization of how diversity can co-exist and thrive.  We don’t need to put people in boxes…but rather, for the greatest creativity to occur, we need everyone free to be themselves and bring their best to our tribe.

Not a day goes by that I am not appreciative of the fates or providence or happenstance that has caused me to be among you within this strange and reinforcing family of Sherwood.  I am the luckiest soul who’s ever been given the chance to breathe and experience this gift called life.  I am proud to walk among you as an equal and as a friend and a brother.

We will soon be gathering again during our faire to celebrate what Sherwood has become.  And every year hence, we will open our gates wide to the patrons and be inviting every one of them to enjoy the magic… and if they so choose, to join the family/the tribe… and be a part of something quite spectacular for years to come.

See many of you at TRF!!!



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