A strong Sherwood tradition going back to early 2009, started long before before Sherwood Forest Faire first opened its doors (or even had doors for that matter), our Gatherings are ways for our community to come together to work and play in the off-season. Anywhere from a couple dozen to a few hundred people will show up. We work in the beautiful forest by day and come together for a great dinner and party at night!

Gatherings are free of charge and open to the public. Camping is encouraged. Children are welcome.

The site opens at 2pm on the day the Gathering begins (often a Friday) and ends at 2pm on the day the Gathering ends (often a Sunday).

By day, our attendees usually engaged in activities along these lines:

  • weeding
  • trimming trees
  • painting stages or other structures
  • staining benches
  • planting gardens
  • staring up at the sky
  • working on their own campsites (if they are members of one of Sherwood’s clans that has their own camping area)
  • working on their own booths (if they are a Sherwood vendor)
  • collaborating on a large project such as the Mud Stage, built by our community in Summer 2010

By night, attendees come together to share food and drink, talk or sing by the bonfire in the Seven Sisters, and get to know each other. There are usually drummers and fire spinners. We encourage any musicians who wish to perform for the masses or audition to contact Zane Baker ( to arrange this ahead of time so we can set up stage lighting.

Attendees are requested to bring a covered dish for the Pot Luck. The faire provides beer, soda, and water.

Any special events planned for a particular Gathering will be noted below.

2018 – 2019 Gathering Schedule

On typical Gathering weekends, the site opens at 2pm Fridays and closes at 2pm on Sundays unless it specifically states otherwise below. We usually have live music at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Friday nights, a Pot Luck at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub on Saturday nights, and a bonfire at the Seven Sisters after the Pot Luck.

You can RSVP to these events and learn more about each specific one on Facebook. As we approach each event, the Facebook invite will be updated with information about any special programming happening that weekend.

June Gathering
Fri Jun 8 – Sun Jun 10, 2018

July Gathering
Fri Jun 29 – Sun Jul 1, 2018

August Gathering
Fri Aug 3 – Sun Aug 5, 2018

Celtic Gathering
Sat Sep 8, 2018
This is not a work weekend – only a celebration.  On Saturday, we will have Highland Games, live music, and many shoppes, restaurants and bars will be open! Gates open Friday at 12pm and close Sunday at 2pm.

December Gathering
Fri Dec 7 – Sun Dec 9, 2018

New Year’s Eve Party [cancelled]

January Gathering [cancelled]

February Gathering [rescheduled one week later]
New dates: Fri Feb 15 – Sun Feb 17, 2019
Friends of Faire & Participants may set up camp this weekend!

You can RSVP to these events and learn more about each specific one on Facebook

A few images from past Gatherings…

Special thanks for Robert Cowan and Jimmy Peace for the use of their photos