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The summer months are upon us. Approximately 240 days remain before the Faire opens its gates for the first time. There is much happening on the grounds. Before the next Gathering scheduled for August 8 th, beginning at 5pm, we will have completed the rough structures for four drink booths, two faire vendor booths, the front gate, the souvenir shop, the Featured Faire Artist’s booth, the joust arena, the chess stage, eight performance stages, a jail, and erection of one or two gazebos. A very limited water line will be run inside the grounds—enough to set up a sprinkler for the kids and a make-shift shower for the Gathering. While it is doubtful the ocean container will actually be on site before August 8 th, it is scheduled to hit the U.S. port on the 27 th of July…and inside are many items for the Faire…including the seven obelisks to comprise the Seven Sisters Celtic Stone Circle, signs galore, the bar for Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, medieval carts, wagons and wheel barrows, the stones for the chess board, the hand carved wooden chess pieces and much more.

We are planning for volunteers to help out raking the grounds the morning of August 8 th…and start preparing the land for the sowing of rye grass in September. The volunteer grounds work will begin at 9am on the 8 th. We welcome all who can join us to pitch in.

Vendors are busy preparing construction of their various booths.

September will be very busy. We will finish out all the Faire owned booths with façade work, paint, doors and flooring. We should also have begun the work on the children’s stage and other structures in at area during September.

By October, we will start the installation of electrical and water lines. Likewise, in mid October, the Sherwood Forest Faire Acting Company should start making their rounds to various public venues…like malls and public school.

November should see the construction of the pub and the restrooms.

In December, we will start preparing the 18 acre parking lot; and then, in mid January 2010, we will gravel the winding road through the patrons’ camp grounds.

Print advertising in newspapers, as well as television and radio, will begin in early January and run through the Faire.

Tickets will be sold at the gates the first year. In future years, we will expand to distribute through local businesses.

And then, on the morning of February 27 th, 2010, at precisely 10am, Sherwood Forest Faire, at the sounds of a cannon blast, will open its gates to our patrons for what we expect to be a quite spectacular season of fun for the family.

Join us at the periodic Gatherings to get a taste of what is to come. Tell your friends about the Faire. Share your ideas and hopes and criticisms with us. Take a sense of ownership to Sherwood. We want you to feel very much like this is your Faire.

With Deepest Respect,


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