About Us

It is the end of winter and the dawning of spring. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. The leaves are budding out. And the village and country folk from all around the nearby shires gather in Sherwood Forest for a festive season. Musicians, bards, gypsies, merchants, artisans and chefs all gather under the protection of Robin of Loxley, known as the outlaw Robin Hood, to celebrate Spring, break bread, sing, dance, and give thanks for another rebirth of nature.

Sherwood Forest Faire is a privately-held company run by a small team with the support of hundreds of volunteers who share our vision: to create a beautiful, magical place that is consistent with our six core values:

While mixing medieval with renaissance, history with fantasy, and when absolutely necessary, providing a concealed modern convenience (i.e., flushing toilets) we seek to be the real thing and to provide as authentic an aesthetic as possible.

We find joy in like minded spirits. We want our kids to see magic, gypsies, blacksmithing, jousting, glass blowing. We seek brotherhood and fellowship.  We want to sing and dance together by the bonfire at Gatherings, break bread with old and new friends every day, be good neighbors, and be stewards of the beautiful part of Texas in which our faire resides.

People visit the faire to escape the real world for a day, or a weekend. We will provide that escape while bringing a little magic into their lives!

We will bring the rational and the emotional together to create a quality experience. It’s not gold plated. It’s heartfelt. It’s passionate. It’s real.

While bawdy in certain times and places, Sherwood Forest Faire will be a family friendly environment which takes great care to create a magical experience for kids.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! We are an entertainment experience. Our goal is that everyone who visits us has a GREAT time.

Our medieval-style village is 23 acres in size and comprises over 100 permanent buildings, which include merchant shoppes, pubs, stages, a wedding chapel, and many other structures.  We are nestled in the Lost Pines section of Central Texas, 35 miles east of Austin on US Hwy 290.  We also have many acres set aside for patron camping, participant camping, and as a buffer to preserve the ambiance of our sanctuary from the outside world.

We offer our patrons over 100 shows per day in 20 performance spaces; over 100 vendor booths offering distinctive wares (a large percentage of which are handcrafted); fun rides and games for the whole family; and an astonishing array of delectable treats to suit any palate!

Come join us and have the time of your life as we remember the time of Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood and his Merry Men!  Whether we meet you as a patron attending on a Faire Day or as a volunteer cavorting in a local parade and handing out fliers, we are happy to have you along on this magical journey!