It’s a little over a year before the gates open to Sherwood Forest Faire.  We had a gathering on the grounds this last weekend of interested parties.  The gods of the renaissance blessed us with weather appropriately–near freezing by dark and cold north winds blowing.  In spite of the chilling effects of Mother Nature, we still had over a hundred souls attend and walk the grounds, a good mix of those interested in becoming vendors and those who fill the grounds as playtrons in full regalia during the festival season.

You have all been so good to us during the planning.  We feel the spirit of your support.  We will need it all.

I speak often of giving each of you a “paint brush” to dabble your colors, your designs upon the fabric of what will become the faire.  I mean that.  I hope you will take me serious.  I want this faire to be a collage of many dreams, ideas and concepts.

I have ordered to be made reproductions of medieval wagons, wheelbarrows and carts…and the first pictures of these items in production are fabulous.

We will have rope swings dangling from the trees of the forest.

The gentlemen I have to develop the children’s area will very much impress you.  He expects to have ongoing children’s improv theatre being performed by the children who attend, as well as sack races, and the like.

A very experienced gentleman has stepped forward to develop the games section of the faire.  Again, the games to be present will far surpass your expectations for a first year faire.

I have heard from three food vendors and they seem good.  We may have up to six different food types before the faire opens.

My intent is to have the vendors split about 75% artisans and artists and 25% merchants/imports, heavy emphasis on artists selling their handmade wares.

Feel free to send ideas and questions to me anytime.  Still seeking artists for the faire.

Email for vendors to be sent to:

Email for entertainment to be sent to:

We will host several more outings in the months to come.  We hope many more of you can visit the grounds and start to feel the spirit of Sherwood Forest Faire.



Ps. My wife asked me to post something of my business experience for those who question the validity of the faire in light of many past failed attempts at start-up faires.  We bought the land.  We run two storefront retail businesses and have for 17 years.  I am an administrator for a 20m/annual entity, and I have a basic grasp of business and know profits come in the long haul–and not based upon the illusion of field of dreams “build it and they will come.”

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