A Community is Beginning

The outing has concluded.

The cups picked up, the kegs floated, the sound of footsteps as folk walk the grounds silenced, the laughter and play of kids gone home to prepare for school on Monday.

And we are honored and pleased with the turnout.  Well over a hundred showed up to tour the grounds, offer suggestions, ask a hundred questions, and some to stake their claim to booth locations.

Mike Pullen seems to be taking control of the camping grounds.

Moon)Dawg, our chronicler in pictures, and a very special spirit, continues to offer the faire his insights and joy.

Artists showed us pictures of their wares.  I can attest that there will be spectacular artists on the grounds when the gates open.  Sculptors, painters, potters, clothiers, jewelers, actors and troubadours…

One said upon leaving yesterday, “I sense the shades and images and spirits who will inhabit these grounds.  It will be quite festive.  I am excited to be part of Sherwood.”

I thank each of you who came yesterday (and previous afternoons) who are saying in word and action that, yes, they want to be a part of the creation and ongoing evolution of Sherwood Forest faire.  I thank you for taking the challenge even before stepping foot on the grounds to take your “paintbrush” and with your own creativity to begin to paint upon this wonderful natural fabric what is right and fun and beautiful and exciting–both your illusion and your ideal of faire experience.

While I haven’t had time to count the applications I received yesterday, I think the number of vendors–partners in this venture–is close to thirty since first accepting apps.

A trio made the trek from northern Louisiana to walk the grounds and then hand me their respect jewelry vendor application in person.

Your “ownership” and commitment to this faire is a very powerful force of encouragement for us.  We could not accomplish this journey on our own.

A thousand blessings to each of you. Keep sending your energies our way.  Ask any questions you want.  Challenge us, if you think we are moving astray.  Lift your tankard with us in the excitement of building YOUR faire.



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