Onsite Camping

Campground Entrance Location

The campground entrance is on US 290 and is flanked by two large billboards.

If coming from Austin (eastbound on Highway 290), continue about another mile beyond Old Potato Road and you will see the large billboards flanking the entrance on your left.  Continue past the entrance about 100 yards and make a u-turn.  You can then make a right turn into the campground entrance.

If coming from Houston (westbound on Highway 290), the entrance is on your right about a mile after you pass under highway 21.

If coming from Dallas/Ft. Worth or San Antonio or other cities, just try to aim for the intersection of Highway 290 and Highway 21.

Visit our Directions page for more details.


Price: $10 per adult (age 13+) per weekend and $5 per youth (age 6-12) per weekend.  There is no charge for children under age 6.  Friends of Faire badge holders pay no additional fee as camping is included in the price of their membership.

Upon receipt of your camping fee or the presentation of your Friends of Faire badge, you’ll receive a camping wristband which must be worn during the entirety of your weekend stay.

You will also be required to pay faire admission unless you have a ticket, Friends of Faire pass, season pass or participant badge in your possession

Hours of Operation

The campground is open from Friday at 12pm until Monday at 12pm.  The exception is the weekend that includes Spring Break Friday; on that weekend, since the Faire will be open on Friday we’ll open the campground on Thursday at 12pm.


The campgrounds are primitive and have no electrical hookups. There are showers available to campers near the gate to the faireground that also has a water spigot for filling water tanks, and port-a-johns placed in several areas.  If filling travel trailer or RV water tanks, please pull off the road as much as possible to allow traffic to pass.

There is not a dump station available in the campgrounds.  If you require pump-down of grey/black water tanks, contact Jackpot at 512 303 1466.  Do not dump your tanks in the campgrounds.

Please do not dump articles (diapers, trash, sanitary napkins, alcohol cans/bottles) in the port-a-potties, as these clog the pump-down hose.

Please deposit all trash in the dumpsters provided. Observe to general rule followed by most campers – leave your area cleaner than you found it.

Benefits of Friends of Faire Pass Holders

Just like the members in the reserved clan camping areas, Friends of Faire (FoF) may keep their camps (RVs/Trailers/tents) setup throughout the Faire season (starting from one week before opening and continuing to one week after closing). FoF members will be issued a tag for your RV/Trailer/Tent in your FoF package issued when you first come in to camp that must be visibly posted. Make sure that your FoF camp area is reduced to included only the FoF RV/Trailer/Tent area.

Generators/Loud Music

In the General (Rowdy) camping area, all generators and loud music must be shut off at midnight. Exception is generators needed for a medical condition (CPAP, etc).

In the Quiet camping areas, all generators and loud music must be shut off at 10 PM (no exceptions).

General/Open Campground Orientation

Shortly after driving through our campground gate, you will encounter a ticket booth where you will pay and be directed to the left for General/Open Camping (or elsewhere if you’re a faire participant or have a camp in the Reserved Camping area).

The General/Open campground is divided into two areas.

Immediately after entering the campgrounds, there is a cross-road. Ahead is the reserved camping area. Taking a left will take you into the General (rowdy) camping area, which is also the RV/Travel Trailer setup area (refer to the map you will be given). Continuing down the gravel road will take you to the Quiet camping areas.

These areas have been roughly cleared, but may require leveling and removal of ground roots and branches, so we suggest bringing a rake, shovel, root cutters, hoe, etc. Bring a chain saw if you want to cut up the dropped trees for firewood.  All the debris cleared from the campgrounds has been placed in piles. All of the dropped wood is available to be cut up for firewood. Do not cut standing trees.


We will have illuminated pathways showing the safe paths from the Faire area into the Quiet campgrounds, along with illuminated signs showing “You Are Here”.


  • Remove your trash from your campsite when you leave.  It may be placed in the dumpsters or taken with you.  Do not deposit it in or near the Port-a-Johns
  • Do not setup your tents or park vehicles on the packed soil roads or gravel access roads within the campgrounds. Doing so will prevent other campers from getting into and out of the campgrounds. There are signs posted showing these internal access roads.
  • Do not camp in the Reserved Campgrounds unless invited to do so by a member of one of the groups there.  Their areas are clearly delineated.
  • No in-ground fires are allowed. All fires must be in firepits raised above ground level, with a mesh screen covering.  There must be at least 3 feet cleared of brush and leaves around the firepit.  A fire extinguisher must be kept nearby.
  • No illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks, or underage drinking will be allowed on the grounds.
  • Drunkenness, violence, or belligerence will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the grounds by Security. Sherwood Forest Faire will operate by the One Strike Rule when it comes to unruly behavior.

Download a printable map of the Patron’s Campgrounds

Download the Campground Handbook


Q.        I just attended the Faire and would like to either camp or stop by to visit friends in the campgrounds afterwards.  How do I do this?
A.        Exit to the parking lot and obtain a hand stamp on your way out.  Drive around to the campground entrance, show your hand stamp (to avoid the admission charge) and pay the $10 per person fee to enter there.

Q.        Is there a reduced fee if I don’t intend to stay over in the campgrounds, i.e., if I just want to visit some friends for a couple hours?
A.        Nope, sorry.  That would be too difficult for us to control!

Q.        Can I bring in my monster 60 ft. long RV and camp?
A.        Yes, there is sufficient turning radius for large RVs/Travel Trailers. Remember that the area suitable for RVs/Travel Trailers fills up rapidly on our big three weekends (Opening, Spring Break, and Closing), so come early Friday (Thursday on Spring Break) to get a spot.

Q.        Is there electrical power and water service in the campgrounds?
A.        No – it’s primitive camping. You can fill water jugs at the showers by the campground-to-faire entrance, though.

Q.        Can I cut firewood or bring in firewood?
A.        There is about a two year supply of firewood in the presently dropped trees in the campgrounds and in the areas around the campgrounds. Bring a chainsaw and cut what you need.

Please do not bring in firewood from beyond 50 miles from the site, as the U.S. Forestry Service doesn’t want to have any foreign tree pests introduced.

Q.        Can I set up camp in the areas outside of the General/Open Campgrounds?
A.        No. There are several reasons why you cannot camp outside the General/Open campgrounds. There is a large oval area that is for reserved camping for groups who have spent many hours clearing and maintaining their areas. Only they can allow outsiders to camp in their area.

Q.        I have a large group of people who would like to setup an area in the reserved camping area. How to we get a reserved area?
A.        Check out the Reserved / Clan Camping page.

Q.        Can I reserve a camping area in the General/Open Campgrounds, either via email or phone?
A.        No, there isn’t any reserved camping in the General/Open campgrounds (note exception below). It is first-come, first-served. When the campground opens at 12 PM each Friday, the earliest arrivals get their pick of the available camping areas. Do not mark off an area larger than what you need (e.g., setting up barriers for a 20 tent area and only putting up 2 or 3 tents).   Exception:  We have an area available for youth groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) in our quiet campgrounds that can be reserved by contacting the Campgrounds Manager at camping@sherwoodforestfaire,com at least 2 weeks in advance.

Q.        What facilities are available in the Patrons’ campground?
A.        Port-a-johns, showers, dumpsters, a Campground Store and firewood merchant.

Q.        Are there any hazards in the campgrounds?
A.        Yes. Besides poison ivy, we have poisonous snakes (Copperheads and Water Moccasains by the pond area). These tend to abandon the area once people start showing up. Best advice is to not stick your unprotected hands in any brush pile (use a hoe or rake instead). We also have scorpions, which fortunately are just the kind to give a bee type sting unless you are allergic. Same thing for the bees and hornets in the area (bring your anti-venom treatments). There are also Brown Recluse Spiders and Black Widows in the brush piles, so clear brush accordingly.

Q.        Who do I contact for other questions on the campgrounds?
A.        You can contact Mike Pullen, our Campground Director, via the Contact Us page.