Here are most of the Clans that have a campsite in our Reserved Camping area.  These dedicated individuals have spent countless hours clearing their campsites, beautifying the faire grounds, and making Sherwood a better place for all!

American Kilt Society
One of the oldest and most expedient roads to happiness lies through the conventional trinity of wine, women, and song.
Bad Ship Renegade
Bad Ship Renegade was christened and launched in 1192 as a 3-masted Man- of-War.
Commissioned and warranted by King Richard to protect Robin Hood and his merry men in Sherwood Forest Faire from marauding Navys and encroaching Armys. The security and well being of Sherwood Forest Faire is upper most in the conduct in the members of Bad Ship Renegade. Transportation and protection or rum and supplies acquired by plundering, pilledging, and ransacking ships and villages keep the pirates busy.
The ship’s crew, which include assassins, fearsome Barbarian’s and Vikings, lovely wenches, and Powder Monkeys.
We have thinkers, players, lovers, artists, chefs, musicians, doers, healers, builders, talkers and singers. We have friendships and families. We have tears, laughter, bruises and beauty. We are a group of magicians that have managed against many odds, to blend an abundance of different types of people, personalities, ages, race, opinions, beliefs and passions into one hell of a potent brew-Called Brigadoon! Time Has United Us after many an absent whiles, the world harsh and frowning on our lot, HAS SMILED.
Celtic Rogues
The Clan of the Celtic Rogues… Live as Vagabonds, die as Family
The stated belief of the Celtic Rogues is to have fun at Renaissance Festivals and Faires, do no harm to others, and to make each and every soul feel welcome and at home. We treat each other well, we respect one another, and people see that fact and wonder how we achieve it. Simply put, we're a family. Period. Come then, wander within our flags and warm yourself by our fire - you may find that you too have found your home away from home and a family within it. Welcome home strangers, we've been waiting for you.
The Clan of Chaos is a group of renaissance enthusiasts that was founded in 1995. We attend many of the Texas based renaissance and fantasy festivals, and participate in an unofficial fashion. By appearing in our massive and boisterous manner, we provide an atmosphere that continues in the reigning illusion of the surroundings that we are in.
Ciorcal Cairde
Bows, Butts and Booze.
Clan Procrastination
A diverse group of friends who share a common love for renaissance festivals. Under the guise of privateers, we routinely invade our local faires where we have been known to frolic and play while dressed in garb. We are a tight knit family with members ranging in age from four years old to seventy-four years old. We all have to live out our lives here in the real world, but sometimes it's really nice to escape the weight of reality and slip away for a short time into a place of imagination and creativity. Come and join us.
The Procrastinators
Dragons of the Round
Born in the fall of 94 , the Dragons of the Round are a tight knit family of very talented individuals that have dedicated their blood, sweat and tears to form a most unique clan of the Dragons of the Round family . The Dragons have earned their knighthood as an armour wearing clan of brothers and sisters by being on cast at Cavalier days., Castle Avalon and honed their stage combat sword fighting skills at Excalibur Faire, and the Kings army at Scarborough and Texas Renaissance Festival .We have worked with numerous schools to teach kids the values of knighthood.We have been seen doing the Chuys children giving to children Xmas parade as the knights before Xmas , We are the creators and the keepers of "Draco " the keeper of the wishing well in which all proceeds go to the MakeAWish foundation. We are the keepers of our roundtable which was born at Excalibur Faire and then used At Scarborough in the great hall which has now found a permanent home at Sherwood Forrest Faire, We also have provided Sherwood Forest Faire with sword arches for weddings and we stand proud as we endure the discipline of steel! We will be celebrating twenty years together and are proud to be apart of this place we call home!
Faire Weather Fiends
The Faire Weather Fiends inhabit a shipwreck oasis that is family and kid friendly before 10pm. After 10pm, the music comes on, the disco ball goes up, and the rum flows at the tiki bar.
Free Spirit
We love to Live, Love, Laugh and eat good food and desserts and drinks, with our family and friends and of course Laughalot! And beat the stuffin out of pinatas! We do comedy not drama.
Meow Meow Huzzah
Meow Meow Huzzah! was born of a merger between clan Meow Meow and Huzzah! Hash House Harriers. Meow Meow was a group of drunken rennies with a love of Ren Faire and cats who started camping together as a clan in Sherwood's 2nd season. Meow Meow adopted a wayward hasher in 2012, which quickly turned into adopted hashers. From those hashers, Huzzah Hash House Harriers, part of an international group of non-competitive running social clubs, was founded in 2013 at Sherwood Forest Faire. Now we are one united clan with a love of Ren Faire, a love of cats, and a love of hashing.  We host hash trails throughout the Sherwood season to promote physical fitness among our members, to get rid of hangovers, to acquire a good thirst and satisfy it with beer, and to persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel. We also host a Red Dress Run during Celtic Fest to benefit RESCU. Join us on trail and visit us in camp!  
Mug and Flame
Mug & Flame’s origins are as old as Sherwood itself. Forged in “Year Zero” before the faire’s gates opened, it is the melding of two ancestor clans: "The Brotherhood of the Boar" and "The Shire," who met each other and grew to become fast friends at several Renaissance and Medieval Faires and Festivals around Texas. The two clans shared common values of merriment, camaraderie, and acceptance, and joined forces to stake out and improve upon a tract of land in Sherwood’s campgrounds which would come to be known as Mug & Flame. The dozen original young friends grew to scores of members within a few short years of the faire and continue to grow and evolve, establishing a sylvan home away from home just outside of Sherwood’s back gate. Mug & Flame is home to several fire spinners, brewers, and crafts people, and is perhaps most infamous for The Feast of Many Beasts, an open-to-all celebration held in the clan campgrounds on the closing weekend of each faire season.
Phoenix Risen
We are fairemily. We were born at the first gather of Sherwood Forest Faire. We rose from the ashes to create a bond of fellowship that rivals any clan. Since that time we have grown into a fairmily bonded together in our love of faire.
Sherwood Shire
Into the forest we go, to lose our minds and find yourself, it's a place where you want to be.
Most importantly, we are known as Children of the Corn, because we harvest your soul.
Together we make the clan fun for ourselves as well as our guests. 
We encourage other clans and friends to visit and stay a while.
We all love making music and being a part of the Sherwood Forest Faire family.
Sitheil Mor-Choille
Sitheil Mor-Choille or The Enchanted Forest.
An eclectic group of fun loving, open minded families and family oriented singles collected and connected via their love of community and faire. Known for their difficult to pronounce clan name, locally referred to by the similar sounding name "Seek more tequila", this group is as dedicated to each other as they are to Sherwood.
Terra Gleann
Family. Friends. Faire.
The Claw
It is through the heart's and dedication of those with honor that greatness will be forged. Respect for which they receive is what they return twofold. When you see them, greet them. They are a fun and rowdy bunch.

They are Claw and they are Family.
The Impaler

If you have ever watched the Royal Open Archery Tournament at Sherwood you may have heard the name “Impaler”. We are the clan known for dominance in the archery field. We are the champions of “The Clan’s Battle of the Bowmen” for the second year in a row. We are a loyal, competitive and fun clan with members from all over Texas. Come shoot with us on the archery field or come have a drink with us around our fire.
Sinking Ships
Sinking Ships is a fun loving crew of Pirates, Rouges, Barbarians and Chain Mail Maidens that call Sherwood Forest Fair our home port. We believe in merriment and swilling plenty of rum but many of us also pledge our services at the gatherings and charity events that occur at Sherwood through the year. While we are sailing from our home port we can be found adventuring in Texas at many of the beaches, lakes and rivers in the state. Many of our crew can also be found plundering and pillaging at the other fairs and festivals. Come by and meet our crew we are an open camp that enjoys visitors and often accepts new members who are of legal age.