Reserved / Clan Camping

The Reserved Campgrounds are just that. Groups have marked off their areas and cleared the area for their group usage through the Faire season. They are responsible for maintaining the security, trash disposal, and cleanliness of the area. Groups can build permanent structures (gathering hall, cooking shed, storage building) in their areas, subject to Campground Director approval.

When first staking a claim, yellow plastic barrier tape can be used, but it must be removed before opening weekend. Groups may build tasteful barrier fences using the brush removed from their area. Do not attach anything to living trees using nails. Use rope (not nylon) to construct the fence. Review the existing structures and fences in the area for what has been approved. If it’s not approved, Faire management will remove it.

Subject to land availability and your group’s willingness and ability to accept the following responsibilities, you may be eligible to claim a campsite at Sherwood Forest Faire.


  • Your group must clear and maintain their area, including interior roads and vehicle parking spots  (please note that Faire equipment may not be used for this purpose – if you need a bulldozer, you’ll have to hire one)
  • Your group must have a presence onsite every weekend of the Faire season
  • Your group members must respect the land and act as its stewards.  Do not allow acts of vandalism or defacement.
  • Your group members may not cut down any living tree over 3 inches in diameter without approval from the Campground Director.  Cedar trees of any size should never be cut down, as the Faire uses the larger ones for construction of walls in the Faire area (e.g., cedar trees are Faire assets)
  • Your group must remove all trash and other debris from their area at the end of the weekend.  (you may leave tents and other possessions at your own risk)

If these responsibilities are neglected, the group will lose their area and it will be made available for another group to claim.

If you are interested in acquiring a space for your group, please contact our Campground Director via the Contact Us page.