Rules of the Realm

At Sherwood Forest Faire we have several simple rules that patrons must adhere to:

  • No pets (except service dogs)
  • No outside food or beverage inside the village
  • Bladed weapons must be peace-tied
  • No firearms (we are a 51% premise)

We believe in the equal treatment and opportunity for all of our Faire patrons.  Our village encompasses 23 acres on a natural incline with sandy soil, and many of our accessible routes are natural surfaces which can be difficult for those with wheelchairs and strollers.  We are working to improve our accessibility for all and ask for your patience and understanding.

Accepted Forms of Payment / ATM Availability
Our shoppes are run by independent merchants who themselves may choose what forms of payment they wish to accept. Typically merchandise shoppes do accept credit cards, and game, food and beverage establishments do not.  We have four ATMs onsite: one in Sherwood’s Hollow (the souvenir shoppe by the front gate), one at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, one at the Three Stags Pub, and one across from the Falconry Stage.

Those who are camping are required to follow additional policies which can be found on our Camping page. These are rigorously enforced for the safety of all our guests. Please fully familiarize yourself with them so that there are no surprises as you avail yourself of our hospitality.

If you have any questions that you have not been able to discover the answers to on our website, please feel free to post them on our Facebook page or email

Many patrons ask if they have to wear period garb or costumes in Sherwood Forest. The answer is no. You will not feel out of place in either a tunic and tights or blue jeans and a t-shirt. But don’t be surprised if the RenBug bites you and you begin to look longingly at those bodices!