Sherwood Forest – Our Promise

We are working tirelessly on Sherwood Forest Faire…and our aims are several.

We want the faire to accomplish several simultaneous objectives:

1) Build on the genius of the founders of the renaissance faire experience, like mar. George Coulomb, owner/president/creator of Texas renaissance festival.  We want the faire to be run as an entertainment business with the appropriate efficiencies, high standards of quality, etc.

2) Incorporate the rennie community into the faire collage–invite the participants to walk backward (and forward) to an earlier time when there was a stronger sense of community within the faire grounds during the hours of operations, as well as after hours and during the week.  We want to stimulate creative and artistic juices to flow.  We want potluck dinners; drumming, strumming, adults and parents sitting around talking about the affairs of the day while children take sticks and play knights and such.  We want the gypsy spirit to be encouraged and to affect the atmosphere of the faire.  We want there to be those interlinking of circles of influence between the playtrons and participants on occasions.  We want a mutual appreciation for each other’s roles in this extraordinary experience.

3) We want art and artisanship to flourish.  We want the grounds filled with the handiwork of a thousand souls’ best ideas and concepts on what will make a wonderful faire experience.

4) We want history and fantasy to merge into the faire experience.  We hope amidst the medieval carts, wagons, names of pubs and stages, signage, foods and beverages, all will also rub shoulders with myth and magic and fantasy.  Tarot, palmistry, caldrons, a feel of the Celts, a stone circle, Christendom and its various impacting influences, knights, lords and ladies, a bit of Monty python, robin of Loxley, the crusades, art from the middle ages, Shakespeare, Chaucer, troubadours, minstrels, jesters and the like.  Oh, did we forget fairies??? Pirates???  Never enough fairies, pirates and rogues about.

5) We desire Sherwood Forest Faire to be the BEST FIRST YEAR FAIRE ever!  Not perfect. Not complete.  Not as good as it will be, but better that a start up attempt by wannabe’s.

6) We want each of you to be a part of the experience!  We want to meet you, to hear your ideas, field your questions; answer your doubts with our business plan and our vision.  We think our team is solid.  We think we bring a sense of passion to the building of Sherwood Forest Faire that is unmatched in soulful and pragmatic spirit.  We will run a business and be a part of the community.

Thus, we ask you to join us at one of the outings we are holding every month or so during the construction phase of the Faire.  Nothing formal.  Just a time to drink a pint, sing a song or two around a fire, walk the grounds, talk business, offer your thoughts to the future of Sherwood, and simply enjoy the company of like minds.  The next one is April 25th, 2009, 3pm on the grounds.  Make sure you apply to receive correspondence from us via email on the website.

Thanks to the many of you who have already lent a hand to make the Faire as spectacular as we hope.  Special thanks to Moon)Dawg and Tom who have overwhelmed us with their assistance.

Our promise is this: we will continue to work as hard as we can to make this Faire one you and your family/friends will consider is worthy of your time to be a part of.

Blessings to you all,


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