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When we are willing to share ownership, when we are able to give up control to others, we risk chaos, theft, betrayal, and ruin: but when we allow others responsibility, when we offer friends, family and newly found sojourners along a similar path as ours to share the burden, as well as the opportunity to effect, create and own, we gain a grander collage made of art, soul, toil and sweat, music, poetry, magic and pageantry. What we risk, we never had, really. What we can gain may last far past our own mortal existence on this transient journey we are on.

Some approached me this weekend with ideas of how Sherwood Forest Faire could be made better. Some asked if they could build a garden, or provide their services in planning or landscaping. Some spoke of their booth designs. One asked if we needed a healer within the faire—one who called from herbal and folklore from the very bosom of mother earth. More than a few said they wanted to take the challenge I had placed before folk and “paint their artistry” upon the fabric which is and will continue to become Sherwood Forest Faire.

Two individuals sat beside me when the music was playing at separate times during the night Saturday and said, “it seems many people have a sense of ownership in this faire.” And I smiled and said, “that’s the essence of community.”

Don’t get me wrong: Sherwood is an entertainment venue with a capitalistic approach. But it’s so much more. It’s a myriad of ideas. It’s fellowship. It’s music from the soul and heart. It’s a marketplace of old where artists and artisans and merchants come together to sell their wares—wares, which for the most part, are the labors of their hands and imaginations. It’s a different, more pure, more ethical type of capitalism—not where folk strive to gouge the other person, to demean and destroy his neighbor for another dollar; but rather, a collective enterprise that believes if we together can put on a great show—be it through acting, or joust, or games, or art, or merchandising, or foods and drinks—that we can all rise with the tide of folk who walk through these gates when the faire opens.

Sherwood Forest Faire is an attempt to take from the masters of the renaissance festival movement and mix it with a strong dose of humanism and community to construct something even greater.

I believe there is a very forceful momentum growing around Sherwood. I think many of you are the cause. And the effect will be spectacular. I think strongly that we will shatter folk’s imagination as we grow over the years with more enthusiasm and passion and artistry than has been seen at a faire in years.

While we don’t have the money other faires do, we will have as much soul and vision as most.

Our trademark will be quality. Our trademark will be the energy experienced this last weekend magnified ten or hundred fold.

I so appreciate each of you who have made your way to Sherwood Forest Faire—either in person or via web or email or letter. Please know you have a place within these woods. And your voice is heard and your brush strokes are regarded with utmost respect and admiration.

Let’s build something very strong and powerful as a statement and reflection of what we desire, what we hope for, and what we believe in.

Blessings to each of you.


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