Family Camp Overview

Sherwood Forest Family Summer Camp is a chance for your family to spend some quality time together, in the midst of the beautiful Sherwood Forest.  You’ll be exposed to numerous skills and trades of the Medieval era, which means you will be making things with your hands – and that doesn’t mean drawing a picture on your screen with your finger!


This first ever Family Camp session runs from Tue Jul 3 to Sat Jul 7, 2018.

  • Check in begins a day in advance, on Mon Jul 2 from 3pm-8pm.  There is no official programming that day, but you can get your area set up and start getting to know your fellow campers!
  • Tue Jul 3 through Fri Jul 6 will be packed with programming and activities
  • Check out will be by noon on Sat Jul 7

What can we expect from Family Camp?

  • Expect to see the magic of Sherwood Forest Faire come alive to create a wonderful and unique experience for your family!
  • Expect an interesting variety of curricular choices.  Each year our camps offer a fascinating selection of theme-appropriate classes such as Blacksmithing, Archery, Falconry, Leatherworking, Courtly Dance, Pyrography, Woodworking, Herbalism and many more!  Our class catalog is not set for 2018 yet, but you can get an idea of what to expect by reviewing the 2017 Curriculum.
  • You can expect opportunities for your family to attend some classes together, and opportunities for Teens and Youth to occasionally escape their parents’ clutches for activities with their peer groups
  • You’ll have a comfy, air-conditioned place to sleep in the castle.  Alternatively, if you prefer to take your chances in the forest where all manner of magical creatures roam at night, you are welcome to set up your own family encampment… somewhere out there, in the darkness… outside the haven of the castle walls…
  • You’ll enjoy delicious meals tailored to your dietary needs.  Food service is provided by Michael Smith of Brou Ha Ha – home of the famous “Ogre Toes” dish
  • You can witness, or even participate in the story arc that unfolds as the week progresses
  • You’re sure to see some explosions in the sky on July 4th (or perhaps, toward the end of the week).  In this year of 1197 AD, we are not quite sure what these explosions are or what the reason for them is – perhaps some itinerant wizard showing off?
  • Perils!  Sherwood Forest is fraught with confrontations between Robin and his Merry Folk, the Sheriff and his deputies, The Black Hand –  and when you throw the Fae Folk into the mix things can really go off-kilter.  Don’t be surprised if families at some point are asked to defend the castle against an invasion… or perhaps they will be asked to attack, if an enemy force has taken sanctuary within.  Anything could happen!

Why offer a Family Camp?

  • Our existing Youth Camp families have been asking us for this for years
  • Every time we have brought up the topic of a Family Camp, and wondered aloud if people would be interested, the answer has been a resounding YES!
  • We know there are lots of families out there who are just not ready to send their camper off to spend a week with strangers (at our Youth Camp).  This is a great way for you to get to know us!  (and by the way, kids attending Family Camp get $50 off Youth Camp tuition, and you can leave them with us since Youth Camp starts the day after this one ends!)

Final Notes

  • We’ve got a proven track record, with our Youth Camp having grown to 10 times its initial population in 6 years (from 42 to 442) and our Grown Up Camp growing to reach its cap of 100 participants in its 3 years
  • We expect to have enough interest to launch Family Camp this year, but for this endeavor to succeed, we know that we need a minimum of 60 campers to participate.  We will evaluate attendance on May 31 and make a decision at that point if it looks like we will achieve that minimum population or not.  If not, you will receive a 100% refund.   You have no financial risk to endure here, only the risk of having your plans cancelled with around 30 days’ notice.

So have a talk with the family, and register for a fun-filled week of adventure and discovery at Sherwood Forest Family Summer Camp!