Meet our Staff

Our camp grows every year and requires a large staff to keep campers safe and ensure they are enjoying themselves.  In 2016 Sherwood Forest Summer Camp had a staff of nearly 100 people, including:

7 Administration Team Members
21 Counselors
18 Counselors in Training
6 Healthcare Team Members
25 Masters (Teachers)
7 Meal Service Team Members
8 Operations Team Members

We have a small team who spend all year preparing for the next year’s camp:

Teach Minchew, Camp Director
"I've been called Teach since before I went to my first renaissance festival over a decade ago. It defines a lot of who I am. First I am a teacher with 16 years of classroom experience teaching all levels of science. My life from August to June revolves around doing the best I can for the kids in my classes each and every day. Second, it defines my character. I do all I can to make sure that I am a role model for my students every day. Not in words but in deeds. I learned a long time ago that the best role models walk the walk and I do my best to follow that tradition.

I have worked as the Nateco Director for summer camps in the past. I started at Sherwood Forest Summer Camp in 2014 and have enjoyed the chance to continue the excellence that this program offers. I hope to take our camp to even greater heights in the future!"
George Appling, Marketing Director
George, co-founder and co-owner of the Sherwood Forest Faire, is the “spiritual father” of Sherwood Forest Summer Camp, having conceived the notion and taken the steps necessary to bring the camp into existence. George earned two Bachelor’s degrees from Texas A&M University, where he was Valedictorian of his class. Later he went on to earn his MBA and MPA from Harvard. In addition to his role as General Partner & Marketing Director at Sherwood Forest, George is President of a new startup in the sound industry called BoomCloud360.

George enjoys spending time with his partner and their three children; traveling; reading; and visiting renaissance faires throughout the country. He dreams of one day working and residing in the same city.
Brian O'Leary, Admissions Director
Brian studied Management Information Systems at University of Houston, and has spent many years doing volunteer work for various non-profit organizations in Houston, largely as an event planner. He has spent several thousand hours volunteering with children, both in classrooms at a public elementary school and also at an orphanage.

Brian has very fond memories of attending overnight summer camp for many years in rural New Hampshire as a child and is very excited about the developments taking place at Sherwood today. He enjoys spending time with his partner and their three young children. His hobbies include reading, genealogy, community service, event planning and playing computer games.

Brian is a member of Sherwood Forest Faire’s management team (Craft Director, Webmaster). During faire season, if you hear a noise and turn your head only to see a blur receeding in the distance... that was probably him!
Marijke "Monkey" Stevens, Administrative Assistant
Marijke has a Bachelor's in Art from the University of Houston, Clear Lake with a minor in Chemistry. When not harnessing endless paperwork for Sherwood Forest Faire, Sherwood Forest Summer Camp, or Sherwood Music Festival, Marijke is in charge of Brian O'Leary and George Appling. She keeps them on task while pretending to be their "assistant." She also "assists" Thorin, founder of Thorin's Viking Mead with brewing, sales and marketing of mead products both on and off the Sherwood Forest grounds. She tends to lurk in the background, watching carefully to make sure things are going according to plan. Campers will usually just spot her at the beginning and the end of their summer camp journey, but every parent has probably communicated with her!

Marijke says: "They call me Monkey because Marijke is hard to pronounce if you haven't heard it before.