The Seven Sisters

Dear Friends,

Good news.  The container which holds the stones to make our Celtic Circle, The Seven Sisters, has cleared four governmental inspections after being held up for almost two weeks.  Also in the ocean container are many items for Sherwood Forest Faire, including: Medieval Wagons, Carts, Wheelbarrows, Signage, Spirit Men Wood Carvings, a Statue of a Mage, and much much more.

Two trucks and an 80 ton crane will be on the grounds at 1pm on Friday to deposit the ocean container and the sacred stones.  Saturday, we will begin unloading much of the wares from the container.

This week, two gazebos are being erected near the front gate.  Several folk are busy with their booth construction.  And its still close to 100 degrees.

We are not doing bad at all. I submitted the application yesterday for the alcohol license.  Should have it approved by the end of November.  Long process.  We have to get the toilets in by that time.  Just became a priority on the long list of things to do.

Zane tells me the Sherwood Forest Faire Acting Company and other scheduled stage performances are coming together quite nicely.  Everyone should be impressed and entertained come Spring of 2010.

We need more volunteer weekends to work on the grounds.  Lots of roots yet to cut and limbs to rake up.  We will be posting notices about upcoming weekend work sessions and will be seeking ye olde noble souls to assist.  Make sure you sign up for email notifications and check our Special Events tab on the website periodically.

We are hereby posting the following notice:

A Nighttime Gathering within the Seven Sisters

in Sherwood Forest

September 19th, 2009

Beginning at 5pm…with a Celtic Drumming at Midnight

Cover Dish–Pot Luck

Family, Kids, and Friends Welcome

Druids Encouraged to Attend

Camping Encouraged

(our last gathering until the conclusion of TRF)

Music, Dance, and More

This is a Night of Enchantment

We will celebrate the Autumn Equinox

within our own Stone Circle

Soft Drinks, Water and Ale Provided

Bring your Incense and Sage

Bring your bagpipes, drums, lyres, and other musical instruments

Bring your poetry and songs of blessings to our Mother Earth

And likely the best News for Sherwood Forest Faire since its inception is the likelihood of a fellow rennie and quite accomplished master in the world of business joining our team as an investor, partner, and sage in both the business end of the Faire, as well as a truly soulful believer in the community and fellowship and family of renaissance festival life.  We are in negotiations presently and when all is put to pen, he will surely offer his shared heartfelt and mindful thoughts about this place we will all call home and sanctuary from the woes and tribulations which beset the mundane world.

One lives his life hoping that some of the lessons of the Masters  from eons ago saw something of Truth.  One hopes Karma permeates Creation as spiritual law.  And thus, if life is held precious; if friendship and trust and loyalty is held in high regard; it just may be that along the journey…one finds others who walk a parallel path: and with them, the travels are made more enjoyable: with them, greater feats can be had: with them, new peaks can be climbed. (we are all just passing through and really own nothing)

I have long believed we are stronger when we share the burden and the goodnesses that come our way.  And this gentleman, i think, will be much a catalyst for the life and development of Sherwood.  I take you back to something I said in a previous blog: sometimes, we are only the caretakers of energies as they take form and begin to grow…but, much as a child maturing, there is a time when such energies start to take on their own shape and form and direction.  We can nurture and guide, but we cannot and should not harness or inhibit.  And, I see this potential partnership as just a testimony to the spirit and soul of Sherwood–a faire made up of many people’s energies, many people’s dreams.

I continue to encourage each of you to take your “paintbrush” and add your bit of art and soul upon this vibrant and very much living fabric which is Sherwood.


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