The Sherwood Crier – Jan 2013

In this issue…you’ll delight in the wondrous creations of Saorsa Studios, learn a trick or two from Karma, brush up on your Ren-Speak, join Mab in a mad dash to save her hat, and have the chance to WIN TICKETS by completing the new puzzle!

The Sherwood Crier is our (generally) monthly newsletter. This publication allows us to share what we have been doing onsite and what has been happening in the SWFF community in a traditional format. Contributions of photos, stories, anecdotes and news from faire participants, volunteers, or friends are always welcome! To submit your piece, please contact our Editor, Beata Gillis, at

The Crier has its own mailing list separate from our general list. If you’d like to be notified when new issues are published, sign up on the Join Our Mailing List page!

Download here: The Sherwood Crier – Jan 2013


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