The Sherwood Crier – Oct 2014

Please give a hearty welcome to Tamara Brock and Toni Cadena, new co-editors of the revived Sherwood Crier!  The Crier is back with us after a year-long hiatus.  This month, learn about Tobar Tinker’s Pawn and Repair Shoppe, the history of Much, the miller’s son; a glimpse of camping culture at Sherwood; a recap of recent activities by the burgeoning Guerilla Marketing Team; and some lovely photos of Celtic Fest and Summer Camp. You’ll also be charmed by the poetry of Sarah Russell, a young bard among us.

The Sherwood Crier contains information about what is going on behind the scenes at Sherwood Forest Faire, Sherwood Celtic Music Festival, Sherwood Forest Summer Camp and the Sherwood Knights Academy.  Contributions to The Sherwood Crier of photos, stories, anecdotes and news from faire participants, volunteers, or friends are always welcome! To submit your piece, please contact our co-editors at The Crier has its own mailing list separate from our general list. If you’d like to be notified when new issues are published, sign up on the Join Our Mailing List page!

Download here: The Sherwood Crier – Oct 2014


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