The Sherwood Crier – Sep 2011

At long last, a new issue of the Crier!  Please welcome our new editor, Beata Gillis!  Her creativity and exuberance for this project are matched only by her beauty, and give us high hopes for many fun, informative and entertaining issues of the Crier in our future!

If you would like to provide feedback, submit content or just say hello, you can reach Beata at

The Crier has its own mailing list separate from our general list.  If you’d like to be notified when new issues are published, use the “Join Our Mailing List” link at the top of the page and select the checkbox for The Sherwood Crier.

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The Sherwood Crier – September  2011

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3 Comments → “The Sherwood Crier – Sep 2011”

  1. Queen Bonnie
    7 years ago

    Huzzah for the good job on the Sherwood Crier and well done, Beata! I do enjoy reading about myself- but not my evil twin sister! Hugs!

    • PipsKay
      7 years ago

      so excited can’t wait see ya Saturday

  2. monk peace
    7 years ago

    i just wanted to say thank you everyone for the support through this past two weeks, at midnite tonite , 10/04/2011 my dad passed away after a short courageous battle with cancer… and that i was able to be out at the celtic fest, and to listen to the san antonio pipe and drums play amazing grace on sunday.. one of the members will actually be playing for us

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