The Spirit of Sherwood

I sat Saturday night at the edge of the Seven Sisters watching Huerta Cultures, a fantastic Austin band, set up; it had been a great volunteer day at Sherwood and the Gathering was a success.  As I gazed up at the full moon overhead a tremendous feeling overcame me: Faire is organic…it is spiritual and soulful.

The human journey is a complex one, filled with relationships, obligations, worries, child-rearing, catastrophes, philosophical struggles, and the whole puzzle of life and death.

But, we are transient souls. We are unsettled. We are of the stars and of the earth.   And as part of this great journey, we seek balance and acceptance and respite.

We need to escape from time to time. We need illusion. We need to know there is a haven where we can feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. We need to believe in extended families and to have a sense of community.

Sherwood, after four years, continues to grow, but without losing the fundamentals of its inception: seven obelisks to ground us in our past, yet always pointing toward the heavens; a fire around which we drum and dance; gatherings; breaking bread together; community and communal projects; inclusion; and most importantly, a shared vision of where we are going.

You and I are Sherwood. We are creating the future of faire every day. You are welcome into the fire circle.

Join us for our second Sherwood Celtic Music Festival. Join us for our Gatherings. Join us on Facebook & Twitter. Join your spirit with ours as we continue with the creation of the next evolution of faire.

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