Seasonal Admission

There are two levels of Seasonal Admission:

Option 1: Friends of Faire Membership


  • daily admission and camping for the entire season
  • an exclusive lapel pin not available to non-Friends of Faire
  • an exclusive coin not available to non-Friends of Faire
  • special discounts from many of our merchants (visit this page to see the current list)
  • a complimentary program
  • invitations to exclusive after-hours events within the faireground that are otherwise only available to our participant community.
  • a plastic ID badge (customized and professionally printed if purchased and information submitted by December 31st; generic otherwise)
  • permission to leave your campsite intact for the entire season (with the understanding that we are not responsible for loss or damage of your personal belongings).  You can even set up your campsite at our February Gathering if you wish!  

Early Bird Perk – Badge Personalization

“Early Birds” (those who purchase by December 31st) have the option of providing us with two items for badge personalization:

  • a headshot of you, or a high quality photo that we can crop to a headshot (either a digital or printed photo is acceptable)
  • your faire name (for newcomers on the scene – this is a nickname some people use at this type of event)
  • the name of the Clan you camp with at Sherwood, if any

For our returning Friends of Faire, we can use the same photo and faire name as last year if you wish. Just let us know if you’d like to do that.

Be sure to submit your information via email to within 24 hours of your purchase, because after 24 hours have elapsed we will print the badge with whatever information we have on file.

Collecting your Friends of Faire ID Badge

  • There are a lot of “ifs” here. To understand how you can get your packet you must first know the answers to these questions:
    • What is your purchase date?
    • Are you choosing the Will Call option?
  • By default, 2018 Friends of Faire badges purchased by February 20 will be mailed to the credit card billing address and those purchased after will be held at Will Call
  • If you complete your purchase by February 6th, your packet will be present at the February Gathering (Feb 9-11) and can be picked up there if you wish (otherwise it will be mailed as mentioned above)
  • During your purchase you also have the option to select the Will Call option; if you do that, your packet will not be mailed, so you can either pick it up at the February Gathering or at Faire during your first visit
  • “Will Call” means at the campground guard shack.  If you are not camping we can move your packet to the Front Gate Will Call by special request.

Special Handling

If you forgot to select Will Call or wish to have your packet sent to an alternative address, you may do so after your purchase is completed by contacting

Option 2: Season Pass


  • daily admission for the entire season (17 days of fun over 8 weekends!)
  • a complimentary program

Collecting your Season Pass

Season Passes will be held at Will Call at the Front Gate and may be picked up on any day that the Faire is open.