Vendor Update (12/4/2014)

Comp Tickets

  • As in the past each booth will receive four Any Day and four Sunday Only complimentary tickets.
  • New this year, you will also receive four Youth complimentary tickets per booth. These are for age 6-12, and valid on any faire day.
  • You can earn a bonus of four additional tickets of each type per booth by meeting the following criteria by 12/31:
    • Your insurance certificate has been received or you have paid to ride our insurance
    • The majority of your workers have registered to work. Two worker substitutions or new registrations between this date and Opening Weekend for a craft booth, or four for a food booth, will disqualify you from the bonus.
    • Zero balance on account, meaning all fees must be settled other than Camping Fees (which are not due until the end of Weekend 2 of Faire)

To get an update on your account standing, please contact Marijke at Marijke works Tue-Thu 11-4 so please be patient when emailing outside of those hours.

Promotional Tickets

Anyone who wishes to apply for extra Sherwood Forest Faire complimentary tickets to use in a promotion should contact George Appling, Marketing Director. You may submit a proposal in writing to him at

Discounted Tickets

Any booth owner who wishes to purchase tickets above and beyond what is included with your booth may do so at a reduced price of $14 per adult (normally $20) and $7 per youth normally $10). Contact Brian, letting him know the amount you wish to have and whether they should go into your Vendor Packet or if you would like them mailed ($1 postage per 4 tickets).

Participant ID Badge Allotments

  • Booth owners, spouses and their dependent children (under age 18) get a complimentary participant pass
  • In the absence of the booth owner, the complimentary participant pass perk transfers to the booth manager and his/her family
  • In addition to the above, when requested by 12/31 each booth can receive these complimentary badges:
    • Crafters and Games – four complimentary participant ID badges
    • Food – eight complimentary participant ID badges
  • If more badges are needed, or badge requests are submitted after 12/31:
    • $50/adult or $25/youth must be paid by check mailed to PO Box 10816, Houston TX 77206 or PayPal to when the pass is requested.


Returning Shoppe Owners & Family Members

No registration is required. Your badges will be printed the same way as last year and all of them will be inserted into your Vendor Packet. Please submit contact info if anything has changed, or a new photo if you wish.

New owners & families; all managers & families; and all Workers

All must register.

How to Register

  • Please use the form linked below. Submit as many different forms as you need to as your hiring process continues. All participant badge requests do not need to be submitted simultaneously.
  • Please include a photo for every new Sherwood participant named on the form. If the photo does not accompany the form then the request will not be processed
  • Please rename photo files to match the participant name
  • If your employee was a participant previously and there is no photo included we will automatically use their previous photo
  • Please do not ask your employees to register or send us photos directly. We have done that in past years to make things easier on you, but it makes it really hard, and confusing, for us, so we can no longer do it that way. We tried to make it work!

>> Click to download the Vendor ID Badge Request Form <<

When your form and photos are ready to go, send to

If you have questions but are not ready to submit your form, contact

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