we dream

we are a strange species.  we dream.  we vision.  we are more than today and this presence.  we plan.  we create structures and monuments and systems and paradigms that will last a thousand years or more.  we stand atop pillars and see tomorrow.  it seems to set us apart from others of nature.

and thus, sherwood.

i am an older person now.  i didnt have the foresight or resources mr. coulam of trf had to begin this dream sooner…but i never intended to build sherwood for me…but rather for generations to come.  and when my partner, george, entered the picture…and he spoke of sherwood standing for 700 years, we met at a place of the soul…and understood each other as no two business partners would.

sherwood is very much about the here and now…but what we hope and what we plan for is that it will exist for all of us  for more than those initial 700 years.  george and i speak about succession of management…which will likely be a committee (possibly consisting of some of you or your children)…who will collectively assure through its counsel that sherwood will endure in its purest and most noble form…because we both know some about history…and heirs eventually ruin what was built out of greed or neglect or simply not having the same passions and visions of their predecessors.

we believe the seven sisters were erected for eons to come as a testimony to a collective vision of folk at the beginning of this century…reflecting values that have been passed on for hundreds and hundreds of years.

we want our clans to prosper.  we want to one day duplicate what mr. coulam did with toontown, but to also include a school for our rennie children, a center (oh wait, we have the pub!!!) where we can grow a sense of community, and who knows, one day, we may even incorporate our village into nottingham, texas.

we want councils and elders and guilds to re-emerge.

we want trade to be fair and reasonable.  we want artisans to be the foundation of our free market who make and sell their wares…and teach the next generation their trade.

we want the nobility and chivalry of knighthood to be available to our people..still based upon skill and valour, but also open to the peasant boy not of noble birth.

we want music and art to be an expression of our very souls.  we want children to be respected and revered.  we want to learn from our elders.  we want technology to enhance–not drive–our society.  we want to gather often to break bread together and lift our cares with ale and wine.  we want to be our brother’s keeper.  we want to learn skills and talents from each other.  we want to gather as the poets share their tales of gallentry and love with us.  we want to cherish and rekindle the lost art of storytelling.

we want to believe in the basic goodness of human nature, yet be willing to hold people accountable for their acts–even in extreme cases daring to ostracize those who are a cancer to our community.  but, we want to believe in the act of redemption and offer forgiveness when repentance is heartfully sought.

sherwood is and will be this amazing experience of integrating the faire business into the faire community with direction and democratic input.

so, we welcome you to offer your critique, your suggestions, your magic and art and music and artisanry to this wonderful emerging community.

see you soon in our forest,


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  1. Moira Goodfellow
    4 years ago

    Whenever Sherwood/Nottingham needs a music teacher… 🙂

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