What a Ride!

I haven’t written much lately. Apologies. But it is hard to write when living a dream. The allure is to dive head first into the dream and experience the wonderment of the colors and sounds, the feelings all about that tickle and warm. Dear sojourners, this has been an unbelievable excursion into the realm of illusion—something formed from the ideal, and crafted from the soul.

Sherwood is alive with its own unique spirit. George A. texted me yesterday as he sat beside the Seven Sisters watching birds, feeling the cool breeze blow over him, and said, “It’s hard to leave this place.” I responded, “Soon, we will just stay.”

We have been so touched by the gracious love and acceptance of the people who have to come to these woods as patrons, vendors, entertainers, workers.

My faire days are spent observing, interacting with everyone, asking how their experience has been…and the responses are almost universal—“”Wonderful. I feel at home.”

And the exit surveys have remained “over the top”…with “friendliness” rising to the top of what patrons like best.

I was told several stories this last weekend I wish to share: the first came from a patron who had stopped in McDade gas station on their way to the faire. They were in garb. When the gentleman was walking in to pay, an old grizzly farmer/rancher guy walked up to him and said, “you’re headin’ to that faire, aren’t ya?” The patron replied, “Well, Well yes sir, I am.” And the older man said, “Them there are good folk. They have done a good thing for us around here. Good for business. No troubles. They are gonna put McDade on the map. We like them a lot.” One of the workers of the faire, a rennie who works the circuit, relayed another similar comment about the locals, “The people at that Whoop Station on highway 21 have been nothing less than great to all of us camping and working out here. They have extended their hours. They have welcomed us with open arms and have gone out of their way to accommodate our needs. That’s rare on the circuit.”

One last conversation to share…

At the end of the third weekend, we had kind of met the benchmark in first year attendance dreams—Saturday exceeded 5,000. Sunday was a bit over 3,000. All the stages had been filled. Vendors made a bit of money. The Faire was even looking good for the weekend relative to cash flow. It was a time of celebration. So, after the fireworks, I found my coat and headed to Reo’s, a cantina just outside the faire grounds that caters to the folk who work the faire—more of a place to enjoy music and fellowship after a long weekend. As I was sitting there, a female vendor came up to me and sat down. She said, “I have been on the road doing faires for twenty-five years…and this is my best faire. I love it. Thanks.” Very Powerful testimony to what’s happening in this forest setting.

We are humbled by the experience. We take to heart all the comments and suggestions. We do not let the accolades go to our heads…because we do believe this is a collective journey…and Sherwood has no King. We look around and see what was accomplished and know that without so many volunteers and dedicated believers in this dream that Sherwood would not be what it is today.

From the start, we wanted to support a not-for-profit that attends to the social and medical emergencies that arise within the rennie community—a 501©3 called, RESCU. At larger faires around the country, RESCU holds RESCU Rallies behind the faire scene for rennies. Entertainers volunteer. Vendors contribute wares for an auction. And a good time is had some nite after faire. So, we made it clear that RESCU was gonna be sponsored by Sherwood and we wanted them to let us know what we could do to facilitate their fund raising. Rallies are not held at first year faire, but they met our request and held one this last Saturday evening, even though the temp was dropping into the mid thirties. The results of the rally exceeded some faires that have been up and running for 20+ years. This is just another testimony to the spirit and soul that everyone is bringing into Sherwood.

George and I, along with many of our management team members, walk through the patron campgrounds at nite to meet folk. Exciting times happening on Friday and Saturday nites. Good, decent people who also are bringing a wonderful spirit to Sherwood. We love yall.

Thanks so much for being a part of this experience. We are tearfully appreciative and hope our paths will be parallel ones for years (and centuries) to come.


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  1. Moon)Dawg
    8 years ago

    To Eric, George and everyone else at Sherwood!
    Our Journey will still be difficult but we will persevere and overcome and have a hell of a lot of fun on the way.

  2. Rolfe Nordyke
    8 years ago

    Thou carts shall go down the path at a slow pace but they are moving.

  3. Skillet
    8 years ago

    Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful fair! 10 of us came to experience the merriment of Sherwood during the below 30 degree weather but still had the time of our lives! and got to witness your wedding. I look forward to frequenting Sherwood alot next season! Skillet

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