Dreams and Reality

Plato stressed the world of dualism.  He thought we lived in a world, which was estimation, something akin to a shadow or a reflection of perfection…and actuality lay somewhere in the netherworld.  He said we should necessarily strive to achieve perfection, but would always fall short.

Since that time, we think in the realm of opposites, of this and that, of dreams and wishes juxtaposed to the mundane world of reality.  We accept second best because perfection is always out of our grasp.  And usually, we live a rather disappointed life.

How many of us understand and live to the fullest the adage, Carpe Diem, “Seize the Day”?

I was walking into a grocery store not long ago and another man was walking in behind me.  Someone he knew who asked, “How are you” and without a thought, he replied approached him, “I’m living the dream.”  A very powerful statement.

So, it’s about eleven months before the gates of Sherwood Forest Faire open on February 27th, 2010.

And where are we?

We are living the dream!!!

We are creating, within our financial means, a land and grounds that should surpass your expectations for a first year faire.  I continually refer to a first year faire, because, otherwise, you will want to compare Sherwood to TRF or CRF or Minnesota…and if you do that, you will be disappointed.  We are not there yet..  But, within our means, you will discover a land of magic when you walk thru the gates of Sherwood next February.

We have spent a tremendous amount of time on grounds preparation.  We took 25-acre tract, which was a thicket and are transforming it into a wonderful park-like setting.

To date, a fence around the faire grounds is almost complete.  The front gate is close to being final.  (It will be better in years to come).  We have built five stages…with another three to follow.  We have traveled to Indonesia to purchase 3-meter stones for the Celtic stone circle– The Seven Sisters. We have our signage being made–extremely impressive due to the artistic talents of Zane baker, my nephew and entertainment director.  Costumes, under the direction of his lovely wife, Lauren, are being sewn presently.  Our medieval carts, wheelbarrows, wagons, etc are spectacular.  We have had hand-carved a complete chess set which stands close to a meter tall and will be placed on alternating black and white stone chess board.  We have commissioned one of the grandest medieval bars you will ever lay your eyes upon.

A fellow rennie has taken on the task to recruit and oversee our band of fairies.

The core of the acting company is meeting weekly. More are being recruited all the time.

One of the most creative souls I have met is developing the children’s section, “Once Upon a Time”, and will have improv children’s theatre–by the children of the faire.  Sack races. Children’s music band. And at the noontime parade, the children (patrons) will be lured into the parade by the pied piper.

The first small chapel will be constructed in May with a 7? stone Celtic cross at the alter.

Wooden swings will hang from the trees throughout the faire grounds.

A very able gentleman has taken upon himself the task of handling all the games for Sherwood.

Vendors are sending in applications and signing contracts.

Aqua water will have a 4? water line to us within two months now.

We are working on a feasible plan to get electricity around the faire grounds.

Work on the 290 entryway (where campers will enter–not the day patrons) will begin within two weeks.  And then, shortly after, the very impressive billboard will be erected along U.S. 290 for all to see.

We are creating a faire, which is closer to the realm of the ideal than that of the real.  We want you to know when you enter Sherwood Forest in less than a year; you are entering a part of our dream, a part of our heart, a part of our mind and a part of soul.  And we are extremely excited about dancing and playing and singing with each of you within our fantasy… which we hope, will become a part of your dream.  Our dream encompassed you.  It needs your creative spirits and energies to grow and develop more fully.

We are having our third Outing on April 25th, at 3pm.  As usual, you are all welcome to come walk the grounds, see the progress, offer your ideas and suggestions, ask us whatever questions you may have, bring a dish to share, drink of our wine and ale, and as the hours wane, sit with us about a campfire and sing a song, tell a story, sense what it means to create a tribe–for that is what this venture is about.



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