Happy Holidays

Greetings and well met!

We had a phenomenal gathering earlier this month with 400-500 people showing.  Some stayed in the camp grounds and worked on their clan camping areas.  Some came for the Job Fair or Casting Call and departed when your tasks were done.  But lots of you hung around for the pot luck and music and socialized around the Seven Sisters until the wee hours of the night.

All day, I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness and a sense of contentment.  As I looked around the grounds with hundreds of people out there on a December Saturday…what I saw was a community.  What I heard were many different voices expressing the same satisfaction with the direction and future of Sherwood.  What I felt was some real sense of “rightness” in our path to grow Sherwood into a stellar experience that far exceeds the faire, alone.

More than twenty people approached me during the day voicing the same sentiments, “this is home to me,” and my response was always the same, “yes, i am at home here, as well, brother/sister.”

I spoke to Robert Ray late in the evening after he had concluded a round of drumming . . . and in the discussion relayed to him a discussion George and I often have…that of ensuring that we don’t lose our souls amidst the business of Sherwood.  And Robert responded, “We, on the renaissance circuit, are also talking about that and hoping yall can keep the balance and focus that Sherwood presently has.”

But, in truth, I feel fairly confident that we will remain loyal to the core principles we originally set out for Sherwood.  We have both found ourselves in the corporate world…and yet, this is where we desire to spend our time.  Sherwood is where we feel most complete and whole–among all of you! This is where we want our families to learn music, business, commerce, art, crafts, values, and a sense of tribe.

It’s around and within the energies of the Seven Sisters and all the trees that adorn Sherwood that we want our children to get a sense of community and family.

Circa Paleo rocked our lives that Saturday night.  Their music, like so many other musicians of Sherwood, are a picture of what we cherish and hold dear.

Autouloucous and The Fool danced the spirit of the universe before us.

The drummers took our souls to a primitive place from whence all mankind once huddled around open fires.

Our tree dedication earlier in the day to the two among us whom we lost this year was a touching ritual we will continue.

I think we are just passing through this world…and it is important not to place too much value or importance in the significance of our own individual lives; but, what we leave behind–this, Sherwood, a magnificient statement of what we value and see as worthy of our time and effort–does hold some sense of spiritual importance…as it attests to the evolution of the human consciousness and spirit.

Sherwood does not belong to George and myself.  It belongs to the collective soul of everyone who “paints” upon this mosaic.  Sherwood is an living organism and we make up its varied parts.

We had a management meeting Friday evening.  There was discussion on how to deal with incidents that could harm Sherwood, people who violated rules, dammaged the grounds, etc.  Some suggested making hard and fast rules with written consequences.  But we decided upon a different approach for now–expecting folk will be and act responsible.

We all need to be stewards of Sherwood.  We all need to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.  We all need to embrace the nature that makes up Sherwood and pledge to protect it.  We need to be noble about of role within Sherwood Tribe.

Our members need to protect and watch over our kids.  We should give our elders the time and attention their age and wisdom deserves.  Our tribal members should treat each other as we desire to be treated.  Pick up trash.  Care for the trees and animals.  Hug each other often.  Attend to the ailing amoung us.  Bring our best to the tribe.

We are a living testimony that the world does not need to self-serving and all-taking/consuming.  We are a witness that many from all walks of life can come together without weapons or having to lock the doors to their inner chambers of their souls.  We are evidence that the spirit of man desires and wants to be close and loved and loving…as well as carefree and playful and crazy at times.

We love you.  We thank you.  We are continually humbled by the experience of having this moment in time-space to build something grand with and beside you.

Happy Holidays and see you at Faire,


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