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This weekend, i spent much of the time buying and delivering items for the summer youth camp coming up at Sherwood in a month. My family joined me in delivering all the multitudes of items to Cori Roberts, our Camp Director.  My wife, Hazel, met with a Sherwoodian, Paul, who has been at Sherwood since it was just a pasture and woods. She had met Paul on several occasions, but never had a chance to share more than a friendly hello.  But Saturday, as me and the boys were busy unloading, she and Paul walked around and discussed gardening needs for the faire. Hazel has been adding flowers and trees to our grounds this last season…and is continuing her planting.  Paul volunteered to water the plants during the summer – an extremely kind gesture.

When we were driving home Hazel continually spoke of her time with Paul… and how impressed she was with his vast knowledge of a wide array of topics related to nature, herbs, medieval healing remedies and the like.  During the weekend, she must have commented another dozen times how impressed she was with Paul.

Paul portrays Saladin during faire and is also our resident Chess Master. You will likely see him traipsing through Sherwood barefoot at any given day under any weather circumstances.  He is a charming addition to our Sherwood family.  As i thought about Hazel’s encounter with Paul… and her very positive reaction to him… I thought about how many Pauls there are within Sherwood’s family.  So many eccentric, artistic, brilliant souls there are gathered in these grounds…having made their way to Sherwood to offer their wonderment to our community.  Many gifted people each offering the community their very best… and only desiring in return to become a part of a vibrant, evolving experiment of the human soul.

If you have not met Paul (or Hazel) or the hundreds of other beautiful and talented spirits who wander these woods, you are missing out.  Join us.  Become a part of this wonderful tribe of sojourners–minstrels, musicians, artists, thespians, sages, and dreamers. It really is a fantastic community… and we are thankful and humbled that so many of like minded folk have made Sherwood a part of their lives.

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