Sherwood: A Stream of Consciousness

This past weekend we hosted the last Gathering before the Faire opens its gates for the third season, which runs February 11-April 1, 2012.  Prior to the weekend I had had a dream that I arrived at the Gathering and there were a thousand people there.  It was like Faire with hordes in costume and festivities everywhere.  And, lo-and-behold, the Gathering was not dissimilar to my dream.  I am certain there were four hundred Sherwoodians present.  Kids were all over the grounds.  Young and Old.  Tattooed and Jeweled.  Every ethnicity.  Every political slant.  The Pub was the site of the pot luck dinner.  What a great tradition that we assemble and break bread together.  And then we made our way to the Seven Sisters where a fire was burning strong in the middle of the stone circle…where the drummers and gypsy dancers and fire spinners entertained us with their primitive and age-old talents and skills.  We all came from the fire circle amidst the drums…and they call us back!

All weekend merchants and artisans readied their booths.  The acting company were busy preparing for lane and stage performances.  By the way, did you know there are no scripts to be memorized, but rather Robin, Little John and rest must create their own character nuances and live the part?  Critique them when you encounter them at Faire.  We think you will feel and sense the difference.

Patrons were clearing their camp grounds.  We have more clans this year than ever before.  We love our patrons.  We pay them homage for what they bring to the making of Sherwood Forest Faire.

The flock of fairies are donned in pixie dust and wings and are of every color under the heavens.  They fill the magic of our forest and are respected and loved deeply.

But I am always drawn to the children.  They are the future of Sherwood.  And so, I share with you this story from a mom who attended last year:

For our son Donovan’s 13th birthday, he wanted to attend a renaissance faire.  We attend TRF and Scarborough every year and have since before the kids were born.  Ren Faires are a part of everyday life around our house.  And of course we dress up. 

His birthday being in March always prevented us from celebrating his birthday at the faire.  He (and us too) were so very excited when we heard about Sherwood Forest Faire.  I contacted the staff at the faire to see what we could do to celebrate his birthday, but never did I expect the events of the day.  We have had parties at the other faires before; we were married at Scarborough.  Anything special you usually have to provide for yourself.  I was contacted back by Denise, the Group Sales Manager, because they wanted to make sure that Donovan’s birthday was indeed a day to remember and they provided just that ten-fold. 

After much communicating back and forth, the day finally arrived.  We got to the faire and before we even got all the way to the gates we heard cries about Lord Donovan and his party arriving from afar.  We were then met outside the gates by Robin Hood and Maid Marian, who invited us to a show and invited Donovan to sit in the Royal box at the joust (which is real by the way and truly astonishing).  We went to the show and Donovan was included which led to an invitation to another show later in the day. 

While the kids played at the many wonderful games, I slipped off and purchased a sword which I handed off to the Entertainment Director (who was just as amazingly helpful as everyone else).  At the joust Donovan was presented with a gold coin minted there at the faire.  We were then invited to attend Robin and Marian’s wedding and Donovan was asked to be one of the Honor Guard at the wedding.  He was so very excited by this point he could hardly contain himself. 

We got to the wedding and Donovan stood tall and proud next to the other Honor Guard, proudly displaying his wooden sword.  Then, right as the wedding was over, King Richard announced that there was a young man who was brave and worthy of knighthood.  Donovan did not realize they were talking about him, when they called his name he looked so astonished.  He timidly walked up to he dais (and he never does anything timidly) knelt in front of the King, who then gave the most amazing speech and knighted Donovan and then presented him with the sword.  Donovan was on cloud nine for the rest of the weekend.  He says that it was the most amazing birthday ever and that he never wants to celebrate anywhere else. 

We are going back again this year, now to celebrate the 14th birthday of Sir Donovan.  I have never seen such attention to detail or concern with customer satisfaction as we saw at Sherwood Forest Faire.  It is the best Renaissance Faire in Texas!

Katt G.

And so, this is the essence, the very spirit of Sherwood.  We ask that you join us this season for what we expect to be a splendid faire.  We bring you our very best and ask that you bring us your presence to share in the experiment of community.  This is much more than a business to us—it is our soul and our spirit and our aspirations.


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  1. Sam Ousley
    6 years ago

    My wife and I have followed Rengypsy’s fulfillment of a dream since the first blog post. Alas, conditions in the mundane world have prevented us from participating throughout the years or even attending Sherwood Forest Faire. Until this year. We look forward to visiting this year and I encourage you to listen to those that ask that you keep the magic stronger than the commercialism. Faires are a form of escape from the day-to-day pressures, renewing our spirits and recharging our batteries for our return to life’s battles. From your blogs, posts and conversations with other faire-goers that have attended, you have succeeded in building what you envisioned in your earliest posts. We look forward to coming to Sherwood and I hope to run in to you there. Thank you.

  2. karla
    6 years ago

    Rengypsy, you are an inspiration. I visited my wounded warriors in the ER I used to work at last evening. They all have wounds from giving too much of them selves, broken bones that will not heal in two, renal failure with dialysis, cancer with complications in two of them. All six of my dear fiends have dealt with hardship while I was off in the forest in solitude over the past two years. The dark energy has over taken the light in these women. I need to have ceremonies with a bon fire next to one of my ponds, the gound in this area needs to be purified. These women need to have some healing. I know the energies at Sherwood are good, but here they are dark and I have a hard time avoiding the heavy depression of the darkness. Do you know about a solution?

  3. Rengypsy
    6 years ago

    it’s an age-old question, isn’t it? we seek the light, but there is darkness all around us. and the lure is to seek escape…yet our journey is intrinsically linked with others…for in the end, we are social creatures. our journey is individual, but the pathway before us is strewn with others as they attempt to find their own way. and, love–god almighty, what to make of love? it seems a need within the human fabric, yet its complexities make us almost shun it at times.

    but back to dark and light–the reality of the duality we all live within…

    i have found myself at this age (55) deciding i would take the things i believe in, the truisms that have survived the test of time (even in this world of existential relativism)…and build constructs around those basic principles. then i would erect a giant blank canvas of sorts as a backdrop to those enduring values…and allow, no, invite others to take paint brushes and pastels, oils and chalk, charcoal, and even blood or mud or fallen feathers or leaves, anything really…to paint/create upon the canvas what they value, what they see as art.

    i would build a bonfire and a replica of an ancient stone circle…and would ask folk to come to the fire at eventide and gather first for food and drink, then as the night went on, for dance and drumming…somehow realigning the spirit to a simpler time. a primitive setting when nature and rhythm and fire and soul gathered for sustanance.

    my expectation would be simple–yet, i would not hesitate to judge–and that expectation would be, “bring your best to the fire circle”.

    some would come and leave

    some would come and bring absurdities to the ancient ritual…and they would be asked to leave.

    but many would come–some with broken souls, some damages minds or hearts, some simply lost in this world where belonging seems a weakness. and they would sit or stand in the shadows. they would peer inward, and slowly move closer to the warmth of the fire and the meditative beat of the drums. and occasionally, they would even dance or pick up a drum laying around and start to add their music to the cosmic.

    the dark is a part of our existence. it is the unknown. it is the moments of loneliness and heartache. it is the secret we dare not tell. it is the essence of our imbalanced lives. it is the absence of light.

    but to not act, to not dance, to not build a fire or beat a drum or dance under the full moon because of the darkness around us…is to sacrifice our calling.

    i think we are to celebrate life and consciousness regardless, no, inspite of the darkness. hell, what person cannot laugh in joy when all is right?

    our calling, even if there is nothing but this–our here and now–is to aspire and unite with a universal force which we are all part of. our calling is to heal ourselves and offer our own energies to others–to walk in the darkness, but toward the light; to believe in the wonderment of the human spirit and above all else to love!!!

    so, build your bon fire. invite your sisters. ask them to come in loose fitting close so they can dance. ask them to bring drums or cymbals or pots and pans. tell them “we will be howling at the moon tonite.”

    rituals are a part of our ancient evolution. but most have lost that knowledge in the darkness of the age in which we live. the fire, the music, the dance…will reawaken them to their past. and they just might find a healing that modern medicine cannot touch–a healing of the human spirit and soul.

    it is the essence of what sherwood is about–a community, a tribe, a gathering of sojourners seeking an old and familiar light around a fire circle.

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