As I have walked around Texas Renaissance festival this season, I have been approached often by folk saying how much they like Sherwood and leaving us a bit of caution, as well.  “Don’t lose your soul in the business,”  said a lady to me this weekend.   “Don’t get too large too quickly that you forget us,”  another playtron admonished me.

It’s a discussion George and I have routinely.  Don’t lose focus. Don’t become too blind by drinking your own Kool Aid.  Hold fast to our core principles.  Enjoy the experience—it was always about much more than a business venture.

The discussion moves me to a topic always near the surface—that of trust.  We need your trust.  We need to be able to trust you.  Sherwood is very much a joint venture between all parties.  We are all learning together.  Thus, trust is necessary.

The study of ancient Greece during the Golden Age reveals the existence of temples of worship.  And throughout the temple were portals which took one from the outside into the outer sanctum and then eventually into the inner sanctum.  There were ceremonies and rites that the spiritual leaders would take place in as they were allowed into the deeper recesses of the temples…as they proved themselves worthy.  I think of self much like a temple.  The world sees the out structure.  Some walk close enough to examine the details of the reliefs carved within its outer walls.  A few even walk upon the steps and peer inward…wondering about what lays within.  But only a few ever step into even the outer sanctum of our complex lives.  And inside, deep inside, where we have constructed various mazes, locked passageways, and even traps to keep people from within our own tightly guarded inner sanctum.

But in truth, I think we long to trust one another.  It is part of the human experience  to be connected with others.  We want to put up the pretense of being guarded, but what we want more than anything is to have our souls revealed before those we love . . . in all our frailties and shortcomings and lies . . . and still be accepted for who we are.

We come to Sherwood very open and trusting.  When faced with an issue on whether to CLAMP DOWN and be more authoritarian, we have chosen to keep the reigns loose . . . as we want many good souls affecting how Sherwood evolves.

We want to trust that the Clans will govern their own.  We want to trust that folk will clean up after themselves.  We want to trust that Sherwood Forest Faire will be perceived as belonging to the greater tribe, thus, theft and destruction of property will be kept at a minimum.  We want to trust each of you to keep us honest and on the right track. 

We are approachable folk, by our natures; but, also, we work toward breaking down walls between the different parts of our grand experiment which is Sherwood.  So, do let us know what you think.  Be a part of this Faire’s creation and evolution.  Come to the tribe with a strong sense and desire for trust. Give us your best and we, in turn, will give you our best.  We are offering you the keys into Sherwood’s inner sanctuary.  Walk therein with reverence and a profound knowledge that you are one of the keepers of Sherwood’s Light.


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  1. Austin
    8 years ago

    Very well said!

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